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Where’s the corgi’s tail?

The corgi is famous not only for cute, but also for its heart-shaped buttocks. We often see corgis without tails, and many people think that they have no tails as time passes. In fact, corgis are born with tails, but they are artificially cut off.

Corgi tail-cutting is a legacy of time. In the early days, the Corgi was a cattle dog, and its tail was cut off at birth to ensure that it could safely move through the herd. It needs to pay taxes when Corgis used to be working dogs, and cutting off their tails shows that they have paid taxes.

Now corgis do not need to herd cattle, so they do not need to be cut off their tails. But in order to cater to people’s mainstream aesthetic habits, people often cut off the tails of newborn corgis. And this is also a consideration of health issues. Because when a corgi’s tail hangs down like other dogs, the corgi’s leg is too short to make the tail touch the ground, and it is easy to hide dirt by dragging the tail to the ground for a long time, and the tail is close to the anus which is easy to be infected with germs. So, it depends on personal preference whether the tail is cut off or not.

When to cut off the tail of a corgi? Many corgis lose their tails soon after birth. When corgis are young, their nerves are not fully developed, and the pain is not so obvious. When they grow up, they can feel pain obviously, and the wound must be treated with anesthetics and later drugs.

What are the disadvantages of cutting off the tail? Dogs’ tails are an important way to express their emotions and convey information, and corgis without tails certainly can’t master this natural “body language”. And the dog’s tail can also play a role in regulating body balance, in fact, the tail of the corgi is not short, and the hair is very long. A corgi with a tail looks very handsome too.

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