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When the cat is going back to the cat star, he is saying goodbye to you secretly. Did you find it?

When the cat is going back to the cat star, he is saying goodbye to you secretly. Did you find it?

Keeping pets for a long time, their position in the home is no longer as simple as pets. For the owners who have kept pets for more than ten years, these little guys have long been our family. Every time they think of leaving one day, they can’t help but feel sad.

Compared with the street cat, the domestic cat that has accompanied us for many years has a deeper affection for human beings. Most of them will know that they are about to leave three months before they die. Before returning to their planet, the cat will say goodbye to you well. In their eyes, you are a stupid guy who can’t take care of his hair and can’t even use cat litter to go to the toilet. What will you do when he is gone? What are the abnormal behaviors of cats before parting?

Personality change: no longer arrogant.

The cat that used to sleep at your feet all the time suddenly falls asleep against your head or wants to play with you again while you are asleep. He disliked you for half his life, but he also loved you for most of his life in his way. He was thinking, “I don’t have much time. Let me get a little closer to you. Let’s play a little more!”! I never told you. Your snoring is loud.

Start talking too much

This is especially true for children who have been brought up from a young age when they will have the movements or meows of a kitten. At this time, the cat’s body functions are gradually disappearing, and his voice is no longer as loud as it used to be. But he still wants to use his last strength to talk to you. He wants to tell you: “In my life, I have scratched you, bitten you, and scolded you. Sometimes you will make me angry, but ah, I really love you!”.

Behavior change: Give you its precious treasure.

It’ll find something it’s been hiding for a long time, maybe something you’ve lost for a long time; it used to hide these things because it thought they were your favorite things and that hiding them would attract your attention. Now it is leaving. “If I give all these treasures back to you, will it make you less sad?”

Habit Change: Leave its own scent.

At this time, the cat will begin to rub its body frequently, leaving the smell on the house and objects. The cat that has not been tied up will greatly increase the frequency of urination and even urinate in every corner of the house. This is it saying: “Slave ~ I’m ready to go!”! I’ve strengthened my taste repeatedly. Maybe there will be a new guy in the house after I leave, but I want it to know that I will always be the boss of this family, and you must not forget me.

Hiding phenomenon

When cats feel uncomfortable or weak, they will find a secret place to hide so that they can rest quietly and avoid being attacked by enemies. Cats instinctively believe that there will be dangerous animals to eat themselves after death, and humans are such weak animals, which may bring the crisis to the shoveling officer, so they will constantly patrol the house, trying to find a place to hide, but also do not want you to be sad.

Cats are never just pets at home. In this life, slaves help them to eat and drink, but they have given us unforgettable warmth all their lives. If this day comes sooner or later, read the last message left by cats and cherish every day now!

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