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What’s it like to have a golden retriever and a border collie?

What’s it like to have a golden retriever and a border collie?

I believe that many people are struggling with raising golden retrievers or border collies. Everyone says that the golden retriever is more docile, while the border collie is smart. I happen to have a golden retriever and a border collie at home. Let’s talk about our feelings! Let’s start with the golden retriever:

  1. Advantage

First of all, there are many dogs with the same personality as the golden retriever, such as Labrador, Samoyed, Alaskan, and so on. First, the advantage of this dog is that if it recognizes something, it will not easily go against it. Like my golden retriever, it will find the right place to pee every time, which I have never taught it. And after it has learned that it will recognize the right place and will not urinate in disorder. And the golden retriever is a very smart dog, my golden retriever learned to open the door, open the cage, and so on, which I did not teach it. But the golden retriever will also tear down the house. It is now eight months old, and it often makes a mess in the house. I read on the Internet that a golden retriever is very naughty before it is one or two years old. But there are some principled things that will not be touched, such as TV, washing machine, and so on.

  1. Shortcoming

The disadvantage of the golden retriever is also obvious, as we all know, is to let go. He is really a dog who likes people very much. If someone waves to it or touches it, it will be very happy, no matter who he is. If you don’t have long-term training outside, you like to attack people very much. And it will not be very obedient to the master’s command unless you specially train it for a long time, otherwise, you cannot recruit it outside. In terms of command learning, the golden retriever is also very smart, and it can be basically learned by teaching it ten or twenty times.

Here’s the border collie:

  1. Advantage

The advantage of border collies is that they are clingier to their owners, follow you wherever you go, and do not need to be trained. Outside, it will always pay attention to you, if you call it, it will come back to you.

Border collies can understand your emotions, not that golden retrievers don’t, but if there are other attractions at the time. For example, if someone is eating or playing with it, it basically prefers to eat, continue to eat its food, and play with others. Of course, with the increase of time and affection, the center of gravity of the golden retriever will also change. But relatively speaking, border collies can understand you quickly. For example, when my border collie is 3 months old, if I am sad, he will put everything down and come to kiss me and comfort me, but my 8-month-old golden retriever sometimes comes and sits next to me, and then goes to eat if there is something to eat!

And border collies are more protective of their owners than golden retrievers. When my border collie was three months old, if I talked to someone loudly like a quarrel, he would come over and try to help me and bark at someone. Now it grows up and will distinguish whether we are joking or quarreling. The border collie instruction learning depends on the situation, some commands are learned two or three times, and some commands are not followed dozens of times.

  1. Shortcoming

Border collies are very petulant and opportunistic. My border collie, for example, is very good in front of people, but naughty behind them. It always goes to the designated place to urinate in front of people, but whether it listens or not depends on its mood. For example, sometimes it doesn’t want to walk too far, so it pulls in the middle of walking, and always when you’re not paying attention, usually at three or four o’clock in the morning (my family is free-range).

So, it’s very distressing, because you are sleeping in the early morning, and it has been a long time since you got up in the morning, and you can’t punish it. Don’t ask me how I know, I know it by putting a bell on it for a while, and when the bell rings, I chase it out, and then it runs to the right place immediately, and I know it needs to go to the toilet!

It never tears down the house in front of people, tears down behind them! This border collie has never chewed the furniture or anything since he came to our house. Once I went out and left it alone in my house, and when I came back, I found that many things had been bitten. The most important thing is that it’s not like a golden retriever. It broke the TV and the air conditioning pipe. These are expensive and difficult to repair things.

I believe that many owners have all kinds of life details with border collies, although not the same, we must play tricks with them every day.


The border collie needs a lot of exercises. Although the golden retriever is a large dog, it eats a lot. If you feed it fat, it doesn’t like to move very much. Border collies, on the other hand, are particularly interactive dogs.

Many people say that golden retrievers are more mature and stable when they grow up. Indeed, golden retrievers are clingier when they are young. Border collies, on the other hand, have always been clingy. If you like clingy dogs, you can choose to breed border collies.

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