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What if the cat pulls everywhere?

What if the cat pulls everywhere?

Recently, many friends who consult to buy urea to deal with “post-urination accidents” are mostly the same as this baby. Yes, cats are pulling everywhere. It affects the quality of life and has become one of the most important reasons for cats to be abandoned! There are also some pet shop colleagues who complained that the cat would not go to the litter box and asked to return the cat! Pet shop peers called out: wronged! I remember I used to sleep with my cat in my arms every day until I urinated on my quilt once. Since then, my room has become its forbidden zone. Except for estrus, actually. There are many reasons why cats don’t go to the toilet in the litter box. Today we’re going to talk about external causes: how cat litter and litter boxes cause cats to urinate.

Basin is too dirty

It’s best to clean it twice a day. If the cat at home eats a lot and has a lot of excrement, clean the lumps in the basin as quickly as possible. The second is the thorough cleaning of the litter box, at least 10 days to replace all the litter, and spray clean and disinfect. Remember: Do not use irritating disinfectant, which will not only damage the cat’s alveoli but also make it because it hates the smell of the litter box and does not go to poop.

Too few basins

The reasonable allocation of the number of litter boxes should be one litter box for one cat and one more litter box as a backup. Give the cat more options, because when one pot is “occupied”, at least the other cat has a place to “solve the problem”. Suggestion: If your home is large, there are multiple floors. It is recommended that at least one litter box be placed on each floor so that you don’t want to go to the toilet. You have to look for pots everywhere and pull them in other places. /

The basin is uncomfortable

Some kittens that have just been brought home are small enough. As a result, the outer edge of the litter box is very high, and it is very painful for people to climb in and out with short legs. It must be convenient to pull it. There is also the kind of litter box with a lid, which is very oppressive to cats. Suggestion: The size of the litter box should be 1.5 times the size of the cat so that it can have a comfortable and spacious defecation space. The outer edge of the litter box is a little lower, which is convenient for the master to get in and out so that he can go in and defecate smoothly.

The basin placement

This is a problem that many parents do not pay attention to. Don’t think about where it is more ventilated and where the smell is better. Then the cat food, water, and litter box were all piled up in a mess. Suggestion: Be sure to put the basin in a quiet and private place. Never put it in a noisy place like the washing machine or the balcony. They will find these places noisy and terrible. Cat food and water should not be put together with the basin. Meow, who loves cleanliness, is a neat freak. He hates to see his food placed near the toilet.

About cat litter

Now there are many kinds of cat litter on the market, (mineral sand, sawdust sand, tofu sand, corn sand, crystal sand, lazy cat litter, pine sand, paper sand, ball sand, bentonite sand.) simply do not know how to choose. I don’t even know why I changed from bentonite to tofu cat litter when it was the same cat litter. He won’t go to the bathroom. In fact, cats are also sensitive to the size and specifications of cat litter, if you bring your cat home for the first time. Suggestion: Buy several bags of cat litter with different textures and put each one in a different basin to see which one it prefers.

There must be a series of reasons behind all animal behaviors. Only by finding out the reasons behind the behaviors can we solve the occurrence of this behavior from the root.

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