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What breed of cat is the best to keep?

What breed of cat is the best to keep?

Raising cats has become a fashion trend. Cats pay attention to hygiene. You don’t need to walk cats like dogs every day. They are good pet companions for office workers, but people seem to be uncertain about what breed of cats to keep.

First, what kind of cat is easy to keep? In everyone’s mind, short-haired cats are relatively easy to raise without affectation, cheerfulness, stable personality, independence, and willingness to contact with people. Such cats are strong, stable, and adaptable to the environment, so they have low requirements for breeders. For owners, this type of cat is relatively easy to raise.

Be close to humans and be obedient: In this regard, purebred cats have an incomparable advantage because their personalities are taken into account at the time of breeding, and only the individuals of their relatives are selected for breeding so as to ensure that the temperament of each generation of kittens is basically similar, that they are well-behaved, that they love their owners, and that they are like good children of big families. The breeding of local cats is random, so they have different personalities, simply speaking, they are wild.

Cute: Everyone has his own love, some like a big head, some like long hair, some like fat buttocks, and some like thin arms and legs. If you have a purebred cat, you can go to the official website of CFA (The Cat Fanciers’ Association) to see the appearance of various purebred cats and choose the one that is the most attractive to you.

Strong ability to survive, easy to feed: It is generally believed that purebred cats are not as easy to feed as native cats. This is because the breeding of purebred cats is a very complex issue. The closer the bloodline of the big cat is, the more likely the kitten will be weak and sick. If the bloodline of the big cat is far apart, it is difficult to ensure the purity of the kitten’s bloodline and appearance. So, if you want to raise a healthy and good-quality purebred cat, you must first find a responsible, knowledgeable, and capable breeder.

For example, a native cat is a common hybrid cat. This kind of cat does not have any precious bloodline, but the body is strong, the body resistance is strong, not an affectation, and the disposition is cheerful and active. Compared with other expensive cats, this kind of cat is easier and more convenient to raise. The most important thing is that local cats can better adapt to the rough management of owners and can better adapt to changes in the environment and life. Many people tend to breed purebred cats, in fact, there are advantages and disadvantages to breeding, whether purebred cats or pastoral cats, cats bring us the same joy, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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