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Top 5 Bad Habits of Dogs Being Spoiled

Top 5 Bad Habits of Dogs Being Spoiled

Many small partners treat the dog as a child to raise, out of love for the dog’s behavior has maintained an indulgent attitude, leading to the dog developing a lot of bad habits, the dog itself is also very harmful, so today this article will show you about five bad habits of dog spoiling!

Pounce on everyone you see

Dogs treat us, humans, very warmly. Many dogs like to jump on you when they are excited. Many people think that this is a natural reaction for dogs to express their emotions. There is nothing wrong with it, but it is a bad habit from the point of view of scientific pet raising. For people who are afraid of dogs, it is a terrible thing for a dog to jump on them, especially for some large dogs, especially for the elderly and children. In view of the dog’s bad habit of pouncing on people, we can step on its feet properly when it is pouncing to make it feel uncomfortable, and gradually the dog will form a stereotype that it will hurt its feet when it pounces on people.

Begging for food

The dog’s mouth is particularly greedy, not only will pester you to give delicious food, and even accept the feeding of strangers, this bad habit is very bad, not only will affect the health of the dog, but also let some people with evil intentions to drug the dog. In response to this habit, we can let friends pretend to be strangers, ask friends to give bad snacks when dogs beg for food and give the best snacks when we are ourselves. After training several times, dogs will understand that stranger’s food is not delicious so dogs will not accept strangers’ feeding!

Love to go through the trash can

It is believed that many dogs like to turn over garbage cans, which is a very bad habit. It will not only destroy the hygiene in the room but also cause dogs to eat something they shouldn’t eat by mistake. So when you see your dog going through the trash can, you should shout at him and give him a snack as a reward. A lot of training can correct it.

Likes to do damage

The term “demolition” is not only exclusive to huskies, but also to many dogs, just not as noisy as huskies. Ordinary dogs love to bite things in the house, such as slippers, paper towels, puppets, etc. At this time, we should be patient like teaching children, so that dogs can understand that it is wrong to bite indiscriminately.

Love to bite hands

Many people raise dogs from an early age. It is normal for puppies to lick and bite their hands, but when dogs grow up and their deciduous teeth fall off, it is very dangerous to keep the habit of biting their hands! When a dog bites his hand, we should tap his nose gently to let him know that he can’t do that. He will understand you if he bites and hits again.

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