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To train a cat, you must understand the nature of the cat first

To train a cat, you must understand the nature of the cat first

The cat is one of the most intelligent animals. It has a high degree of vigilance. It is usually alert to slight sounds or potential dangers. It always tries to put itself in a favorable position, and once it has the initiative, it will pounce with lightning speed, stretch out its claws and attack its prey or “enemy”.

The cat is also one of the most patient animals. To catch prey (mainly rodents and birds), it often crouches in the dark, half squinting and waiting for the arrival of prey.

Cats sometimes gallop with their bellies close to the ground, like hunters chasing, which is very interesting.

Cats are very possessive and protect their food. It often uses urine as a signal around its own area of activity, and those who enter or intentionally invade this area will be hit back.

When the cat is angry or frightened, it has a behavior pattern, that is, the coarse hair stands against the wind, the teeth and claws are bared, and the thick tail is raised and waved from side to side.

In cat training, cats and dogs are not very friendly, once they meet, especially strange dogs, they will bow their waists and stare at each other, and make hissing or purring sounds. When the dog approaches it, if there are trees or stakes nearby, it immediately climbs and walks. Otherwise, he would stretch out his claws at the end of his toes and rush at the dog like lightning. His courage was amazing.

When a cat does something wrong, such as scratching the sheets, bedding, sofa, etc., or biting the flowers and trees in the room, the owner scolds it, just like a child is scolded, bowing his head and tail or hiding in the dark. In the dark, he stared at his master from time to time, which was both angry and funny.

Cats love cleanliness, and perhaps because of this, cats have become ideal companion animals for people. Cats do not want to eat leftovers or even refuse to eat them completely. Therefore, the breeder is required to discard the residual food at any time and wash the food bowl clean.

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