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Tips to Prevent Cats from Heatstroke

Tips to Prevent Cats from Heatstroke

In recent years, the summer temperature has hit a new high again and again, and the shoveling officials who have cats at home are very worried about their cats fainting from heatstroke when they go to work during the day, wondering whether to turn on the air conditioner for them alone. But we need to accept the high cost of electricity and adhere to a low-carbon and environmentally friendly lifestyle! So, is there any way to prevent cats from heatstroke?

Worried about cat heatstroke, here are some tips, which can not only save expensive electricity, but also be low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

shave your feet.

There are very few sweat glands on the cat’s body, and the main part of its heat dissipation is the pink and tender sole pads. Shaving too long or too much foot hair helps the cat to dissipate heat.

Auxiliary aluminum products

If you are worried that the cat is prone to heatstroke at home alone, you can prepare an aluminum equipment for the cat to rest, because the heat dissipation property of aluminum products is very good, when the cat feels overheated, it will find a cool and comfortable place to lie down, and the cold touch and excellent heat dissipation of aluminum equipment can easily attract the cat to go and achieve self-cooling.

Increase the amount of water the cat drinks.

Just like people, they like to drink water to cool down when the weather is hot. Cats are the same. Prepare more water for cats and add some catnip at the same time, so that they don’t have to worry about the problem that cats don’t like to drink water, but also can solve the problem of heatstroke.

In fact, cats are not as easy to suffer from heatstroke as we imagined. When we leave our cats alone at home, we can keep the room ventilated and avoid leaving them in the direct sunshine. As long as the weather is not exaggerated, we don’t have to worry too much.

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