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These behaviors of dogs may be due to the lack of trace elements

These behaviors of dogs may be due to the lack of trace elements

Dogs usually have some strange behaviors that their owners can’t understand. If these situations occur, it may be that they lack some trace elements.

  1. Dog’s hair is rough and scurfy. When you comb your dog, if you find that it has a lot of rough hair, it may be due to skin diseases (parasites, regular deworming is enough). In addition, there may be a lack of trace elements. After determining that the dog does not suffer from skin diseases, we must have a reasonable diet so that the dog can supplement the intake of rich and comprehensive nutrients.
  2. Eat grass and sand. If you find your dog eating grass or sand when you go out for a walk, it’s okay once or twice. But if you eat grass frequently for a long time, it is likely that the dog’s body lacks certain trace elements. At this time, the dog should be supplemented with trace elements in time to get rid of its habit of eating grass and sand when it goes out.
  3. Pica. If the dog eats soil in the yard, eats its own poop, and eats leaves and walls, it is also likely to be caused by the lack of trace elements. At this time, we should not only focus on our own nausea, anger, and scold it, and we should supplement it with trace elements in time and then guide it to correct these habits. The dog’s poop should also be cleaned up in time.
  4. The spirit is depressed. If the dog is found to have a sudden loss of appetite and listlessness in a certain period, after excluding the possibility of illness, then the probability is that the lack of trace elements will lead to such a phenomenon.

Usually, give the dog more nutrition, feed some high-protein dog food, or homemade food, such as beef, chicken breast, carrots, and other foods that can be cooked and fed to the dog. Dogs can also be fed trace element tablets, which are conducive to their growth and development.

  1. Trace elements the so-called trace elements are mainly iron, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium, and other non-main elements. Dogs need the right amount of sugar, fat, protein, 13 vitamins, and 20 minerals every day. When trace elements are deficient, it will lead to a series of metabolic disorders, growth and development retardation, reproductive dysfunction, production performance decline, and resistance decline, which will lead to serious consequences of dog death.
  2. The reason for the lack of trace elements? The reason is quite complicated, but it is certain that the amount that the dog’s body can absorb is less than the demand for physical development.

1) Some trace elements in the dog’s daily diet are too little to meet the dog’s growth needs for a long time, resulting in the lack of trace elements. Choose professional and nutritious dog food for your dog, and you can also make your own food for your dog to supplement nutrition.

2) There are enough trace elements in the dog’s daily diet, but the dog still lacks trace elements, which may be due to the poor absorption function of the dog. Such as enteritis, poor appetite, and so on, resulting in the lack of trace elements due to poor absorption of dogs.

Does your dog behave in the ways not mentioned above? If so, we need to pay attention to it. If there are other manifestations of the lack of trace elements, you can leave a message to tell us.

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