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There are 9 supernatural phenomena in cat families! Are cats evil?

There are 9 supernatural phenomena in cat families! Are cats evil?

The term “supernatural ability” of cats has been circulating for thousands of years.

From ancient times to the present, in many countries, there is such a saying: cats can see the soul and even communicate with the soul, and because of this, also developed a lot of folklore.

But as we all know, “cats are evil” is a rumor. The cat was a symbol of auspiciousness in ancient times, and it was really the worst time for the cat to be blackened. Fortunately, in modern society, without feudal superstition, cats finally do not have to be accused of “evil”, right? But have you noticed since you got a cat? There are supernatural phenomena at home!

  1. Things on the table will fall by themselves for no reason. Have you ever encountered such a thing that things will suddenly fall from the table? Or the small things on the surface suddenly cannot be found, and after a period, they appear inexplicably. Cat: Don’t look at me. I don’t know anything.

2, the TV will turn on by itself, the TV, air conditioning, electric fan, and faucet will often turn on by itself inexplicably as if something is controlling it! What’s more, they don’t close themselves.

3, there are strange shadows that will rush back and forth, there is no one else at home, but there are often shadows that rush quickly, often with a gust of wind! Mixed with a few flying cat hairs.

  1. When you sleep, you always feel “pressed by ghosts”. When you sleep soundly at night and have a good dream, suddenly, a huge object flies and presses your chest tightly until you wake up, but you still can’t move. The point is to face this kind “the cat presses a bed”, still be reluctant to part with its drive away is what circumstance.
  2. Always feel that there is something inside the quilt, in the quilt, under the sofa cover, and behind the curtain. Always feel that something is ready to move, supernatural!
  3. You will hear strange sounds in the middle of the night. In the dead of night, you will occasionally hear strange sounds. Sometimes it’s like a heavy object falling, sometimes it’s like the sound of tearing a plastic bag, sometimes it’s like a claw scratching something! At this time, if you turn on the light to check, the sound will suddenly disappear.
  4. Always feel that someone is staring at you all the time. When watching TV, eating, and doing housework, you always feel that there are several eyes staring at you, which makes your heart chill.

8, the computer will type strange words, obviously did not type, but the computer itself appears strange words. Think of the scenes in horror movies, is there something supernatural operating the computer? What is that supposed to say to me, some weird code?

  1. Relatives are bewitched by cats. When you get along with your family, no matter whether your family likes cats at first or not, even if you hate cats, you should be careful to fall out of favor. There are so many examples that my family is bewitched by the cat and treats the cat better than me!

In addition, netizens also shared their own supernatural events:
“Every day, there is a constant sound of picking the door. It’s so sad!”
“My TV turns itself on in the middle of the night.”
“The tap will produce water by itself, but it won’t turn off by itself.”
“Often there is yellow juice on the ground.”
“Scratches often appear on the body for no reason!”! Just ask if you are terrible!
All the above are true stories.

To tell you the truth. In fact, I have been troubled by these supernatural phenomena for a long time! Whether you’re scared or not, I’m scared.

After some argument, we finally found that the most terrible supernatural phenomenon is the following one: “The scariest thing is to go to a pet store, and the money in your wallet suddenly disappears!” It was so scary that I hugged my little cat.

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