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The cat’s character as seen from the pads of the cat’s paws

The cat’s character as seen from the pads of the cat’s paws

The pads of the cat’s paws show the character of the cat.

  1. The top shape is a heart
    If the cat’s paw pad is like this, then congratulations! You have a grinding leprechaun. This kind of cat is super clingy and talkative. If you snub it, it will act like a spoiled child with you. They are happy when someone pays attention to them and gives them loving feedback. Not afraid of strangers and not cool.
  2. The top shape is round
    If your cat has a paw pad shaped like this, then congratulations too! You will receive a lot of unexpected little gifts. They like to explore and show off new discoveries to their owners as trophies, such as mice, socks, and cockroaches. This kind of cat is wild and energetic.
  3. The top shape is flat, and the besides is slightly raised.
    If your cat is this kind of paw pad, then its characteristics are cool. It doesn’t want to talk to people and doesn’t want to talk to other cats. Because it is quiet and has its own personality. It can be said that he is a good baby in the cat world.
  4. The top shape is triangle
    This type of cat is relatively special, self-willed, likes to go its own way, and is a little fierce! This paw pad looks very cute!

In fact, there are as many as 13 types of cat personality. There are subtle differences under each big category.

The above sharing is only a common character of cats. Although some cats have the same paw pad, the character is also different.

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