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The cat’s body is smelly. It may be asking for help.

The cat’s body is smelly. It may be asking for help.

Cats can’t speak, so we should pay attention to all kinds of abnormal behavior and performance of cats to judge their physical condition.

  1. Butt stinks

This may be an anal gland blockage caused by constipation in cats. If you notice that your cat has a foul odor, check to see if it’s caused by this problem. If so, clean up your cat’s anal glands and adjust their diet, and let them eat some probiotics or cat grass to regulate their intestines and stomach.

  1. Stink due to serious illness or old age

Old cats have limited energy, and if the stains on their bodies are not cleaned up in time, they may emit some odors. In addition, some cats who are sick or recovering from illness will also have a bad smell. Seriously ill or old cats are not suitable for bathing, so they can comb and wipe their hair with compound biological enzyme pet deodorant spray to keep their bodies in a clean and comfortable state.

  1. Organ disease and odor

The body of the cat suddenly becomes smelly. Please note that this may come from the mouth, skin or ears of the cat. Find the source of the cat’s odor, and you’ll know what’s wrong. If the cat has a skin disease, skin ulceration, or abscess, it may cause the body to become smelly. If the cat has gingivitis or stomatitis, the saliva will be very smelly, and the smell inside the mouth will be very bad. Ear mites and some ectoparasites may cause odor in cats. We should pay attention to these signals to avoid delaying the illness.

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