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The cat’s behavior has taken you as its owner

The cat’s behavior has taken you as its owner
  1. Snoring to sleep

Cats usually purr in a contented, relaxed state. If the cat purrs while sleeping, it means that the surrounding environment makes it relaxed, trusts its owner, and lives a good life.

  1. Sleep with all kinds of body contortions

When your cat sleeps, its body is twisted and comfortable. It means that he has recognized you as the owner. Because this twisted posture is not convenient to escape when it is in danger, the fact that the cat can sleep like this means it feels safe here.

  1. Show its belly

The cat’s belly is very fragile and generally not exposed to people at will. If the cat can expose its belly without scruples when sleeping, it means that it is very comfortable with the surrounding environment and trusts you very much. Cats usually only behave this way if they think of you as their owner.

  1. Kneading

The act of kneading dough is a kitten’s attachment to its mother, and it is also a kitten’s instinct to increase its mother’s milk production during its infancy. Many people give away kittens after they are born for a while. Kittens were forced to separate before they could enjoy a few days of motherly care. Leaving the familiar environment and the warm embrace of the mother, kneading has become not only the cat’s instinct, but also one of the ways for the kitten to express missing its mother. This behavior shows that the cat has regarded you as its relative, even its mother. So, if your cat is kneading dough on you, congratulations, it has taken you as its owner.

  1. It likes to watch you take a shower and go to the toilet

Many people must have experienced this, as soon as they enter the bathroom and turn on the water, they find the cat running quietly to the door, staring at you without blinking. At this time, many people thought that it was envious of its owner’s bath and wanted to wash itself. In fact, this is not the case. Everyone probably knows that cats are afraid of water and bathing. In the world of cats, the problem of bathing can be disastrous, so when you go in the shower and the cat looks at you outside, it’s actually afraid that the owner will have an accident. When the cat has this behavior, it means that it will worry about you and love you very much.

  1. It gives you some gifts

Behaviorists believe that cats are natural hunters, and that they still retain the keen hunting instincts of their ancestors during domestication. So, in many cases, they will hunt their own prey and give it to their owners, such as mice, birds and so on. When the cat brings these things home, people may not know whether to laugh or cry. What should we do? Many people will simply throw them away and show a very disgusted look. Don’t do that. The cat will be very sad. It’s better to be happy to accept it because the way cats “give gifts” shows that they love you.

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