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Teeth cleaning for cats and dogs is very important!

Teeth cleaning for cats and dogs is very important!

Although the children in the family cannot speak and will not keep a toothy smile to you, but often not easy to see the place after the problem is very serious. Cat and dog teeth cleaning is a health rule that many shoveling officials fail to notice, so how should we choose the way to clean our children’s teeth?

Method 1: Choose an effective and useful pet gel toothpaste to brush the surface of children’s teeth. This method is the simplest and most direct way to clean, but it is also one of the least favorite methods for cats and dogs. According to the survey, many cats and dogs are very resistant to brushing their teeth. Just like bathing, they have an innate resistance. After all, what kind of animals will brush their teeth or even be used to brushing their teeth except us.

Method two: Use the cleaning finger cot to clean directly. This method has a certain degree of danger, after all, the use of such products needs to use fingers to wipe the teeth of cats and dogs, it is easy to be accidentally injured, so please consider carefully! Pet tooth cleaning fingerstall is a product imported from Japan and designed for reference, and its functionality is relatively reliable.

Method three: Use a pet cleanser. This method is highly recommended by author because greenies can not only effectively solve the problem of pet teeth cleaning, but also be used as molars and snacks. Children usually do not show resistance, and even are very willing to cooperate! Be aware of your pet’s chewing habits when choosing a greenie and make sure the product is the right size.

According to the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, cleaning your pet’s teeth can help remove plaque, control tartar buildup, and maintain healthy gums, which can help eliminate bad breath, maintain white teeth, and reduce the risk of potential dental disease. As a qualified shoveling officer, we should pay attention to every kind of behavioral health of pets. Reasonable planning and arrangement can ensure that pets can live happily!

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