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Symptoms of Husky Malamute Dystocia

Symptoms of Husky Malamute Dystocia

The pregnant husky in the process of labor, beyond the normal time of labor, and cannot deliver the fetus, called dystocia.


(1) Productive dystocia. It is caused by the weakness of the dog, weak contraction and effort, premature contraction and lameness, and the disease of the uterus itself.

(2) dystocia of the birth canal. Uterine twist, cervical stenosis, cervical malformation, vaginal and vulval stenosis, birth canal tumors, pelvic stenosis, and deformation.

(3) Fetal dystocia. The fetus is too large, too many, twin dystocia (twin fetuses at the same time, into the birth canal, fetal malformation), fetal malposition, fetal posture, fetal orientation, and other factors.

Midwifery, the dog’s dystocia, and the dog’s dystocia are different. It is difficult to correct the fetal position in the uterus of the dog, so decisive measures should be taken after judging the cause. For dogs with dystocia, drug-induced labor combined with forceps traction can be used to assist labor. For dystocia caused by other factors, the cesarean section should be performed immediately. Obstetric dystocia. When there is no abnormality in the soft birth canal (the cervix is fully open), oxytocin can be injected intramuscularly with 1 unit/kg body weight, once every 20 minutes, usually 2-3 times. To improve the contractility of the uterus, 10-30 ml of 10% calcium gluconate can be given intravenously. Caesarean section should be performed for dystocia caused by the birth canal and fetal abnormalities

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