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Sincerely write a border collie quit post

Sincerely write a border collie quit post

Important background: My dog was purchased in the United States and is a working-line border collie, which is an extreme case. But it also comes from the same source as the exhibiting-line, and its problems will be reflected in the exhibiting-line.

  1. Border collies are smart. Most other dogs are not at the same level as it, and people who have raised it will understand. But for the average family, this may be the only advantage. Are the following “disadvantages” and the burden on the owner worth it? Let’s measure it by ourselves.
  2. Amount of exercise. The Border Collie is a breed with a huge amount of exercise. My dog starts outdoors for one and a half hours every day (including running, training, sniffing, and other activities). There are also training, games, food leakage toys, and other activities at home. And an hour and a half is a leisure day, and an hour and a half every day are far from enough. Mental games and training may be a substitute for physical exertion for other dogs, but they are just daily necessities for it. Its physical strength has no bottom line, and it can run at the seaside for more than three hours without stopping to rest. It plays outside for more than six hours, and when it comes home and sleeps, it can revive with full blood.
  3. Mental needs. They crave brains and need work. Extreme dogs can be frustrated, and irritable, have behavioral problems and even aggressive behavior because their mental and work needs are not met.
  4. A border collie is not a friendly dog. It’s a breed trait. The Border Collie is not an extremely friendly dog that everyone likes. Their attention is always on their owners and they are alert to strangers. The heartless social border collie is also available, and the owner is very lucky. But to put it bluntly, those dogs are special cases, and we can’t bet on being equally lucky. Me, for example, I had the misfortune to get an original border collie.
  5. Training needs. Border collies are sensitive and highly reactive to certain things, and solving this problem requires a lot of targeted training. Border collies need to use their brains, and even if they don’t have all kinds of behavioral problems, they need to learn tricks as entertainment to satisfy their brain needs, otherwise, they will be bored. If they’re boring, you get a free decorator. I have trained it for two years, and there are still many problems that have not been solved, and for the high-intensity dog, many problems cannot be solved, only environmental management. So for the owner, as long as he goes out, he should concentrate on the dog.

We bring a puppy home because we like it, and since we like it, we want to satisfy them and give them the best. Unfortunately, the best thing for a puppy is far more than love and food. They have their own unique needs as a specific breed of dog. I don’t deny that some border collies don’t need so much exercise and are well-behaved without training, but again, are you sure you’ll be as lucky? Because the reality is that many people have border collies that cause all kinds of pain that can be avoided by raising other breeds. For me, for example, my pain is over-arousal and sensitive leading to behavioral problems and aggressive tendencies. Nothing else matters to me. A more suitable dog for me is a Labrador.

He once complained that the dog’s need for exercise was too great and that he could not live without satisfying his exercise first. I hope it will be calmer after two years old and need less exercise. A friend said to me: The movement quantity is big, the longevity, after the dog is old, the body is good. So, I realized that as a dog with a large amount of exercise, can a dog that walks for half an hour every day and goes home to sleep be compared with a dog that runs every day and exercises its muscles through training? Can the cardiopulmonary function be compared?

My dog and I are very happy now, even if we can’t work with him every day, we don’t worry that he will have a bad life, but this is the result of two years of training every day with him as the focus of my life. I’m afraid ordinary office workers don’t have such high-quality company time.

This post is written for the owner who wants to raise but has not yet raised, hoping to consider it carefully. As for those we have raised, we can only give them the best we can.

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