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Sincerely hope that all cat owners see the sooner the better!

Sincerely hope that all cat owners see the sooner the better!
  1. The cat will urinate and defecate by itself and clean up regularly.
  2. Cheat water: wet food, homemade broth, canned cat mixed with water, increase drinking water points
  3. do not feed the cat milk, some cats will hang after feeding milk.
  4. Have a fever: Apply ice to the important parts of the cat (abdomen, paw pad, armpit), and take Cefquinome Sulfate for cats or CEFUK.
  5. tear stains: chloramphenicol eye drops + saline wipe eye tear stains, do not buy tear stains towel
  6. Wound: Bailing Gold Prescription can help the wound recover and has a bacteriostatic effect.
  7. Deodorization: deodorant spray, extracted from plants, is mild and non-irritating, deodorizes quickly, and can remove bacteria and mites.
  8. Ear mite: Oridermyl + Epiotic
  9. Diarrhea and soft stool: 1/3 bag of montmorillonite powder, drink with warm water or mix with grain.
  10. Conjunctivitis: Chloramphenicol is used for eye inflammation and redness.
  11. indigestion: eat fruits and vegetables properly, probiotics regulate the intestines and stomach
  12. Lack of nutrition: supplement nutrition with goat milk powder
  13. Vitamin B complex: 98% of cats get cat moss because of vitamin B deficiency.
  14. urine powder: wax gourd peeled boiled water, do not drink with a needle to feed.
  15. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic: amoxicillin
  16. Stomatitis: Watermelon frost
  17. Vomiting: sucralfate tablets
  18. hair: wheat seedling grass
  19. cold cough, anti-inflammatory, nasal branch: Synulox
  20. Arthritis: chondroitin
  21. cough: Fruit root element, a small amount of water, drink more water.
  22. Black chin: Scrub the chin with normal saline, and then use chlorhexidine to diminish inflammation and inhibit bacteria.
  23. Once you start owning a cat, you are the cat’s life.

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