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Signs of physical problems in dogs

Signs of physical problems in dogs
  1. Refuse to feed blindly and take good care of the stomach
    When a dog faces a pot of delicious food but does not want to eat, the dog’s sudden anorexia may be due to its gastrointestinal problems. Dogs should fast first, and owners can give them lighter, digestible food. Feed regularly according to the dog’s age. Dogs should not eat food with high salt content, chicken and duck bones (easy to cause stomach bleeding), and hot and sour food (easy to cause respiratory diseases). Never eat cakes, grapes, peaches, and other fruits. Dogs are prone to poisoning, causing acute renal failure and endangering their lives.
  2. The spirit is not good, need to be vigilant

The dog usually likes to shake its tail and be lively and active. If it suddenly becomes sleepy and depressed, ears closed and tail drooping, it is telling its owner “I am not feeling well”, and it is better to take them to the pet hospital in time for examination.

  1. Check the ears and eyes

If the dog scratches his eyes from time to time, it may be that his eye inflammation causes more secretions. First observe whether there are foreign bodies in the dog’s eyes, such as hair, dust, etc. Usually, anti-inflammatory drugs and bactericides can be used to clean the eyes of dogs, and a light diet. When owners find that the dog’s ear canal is smelly and there are black and brown foreign bodies inside, it may be the accumulation of ear mites in the dog’s ears. Ear mites can cause congestion and inflammation in the ear canal of dogs. Owners should clean the ear canal with anti-inflammatory liquid and ear mite liquid every month.

  1. Dry nose

The dog’s nose is dry for a long time, which is caused by respiratory, febrile, and dehydration diseases. Let the dog drink water frequently and go to the pet hospital for examination if necessary. Normally, the dog’s nose is moist and full.

The health of dogs is what we can feel at ordinary times, and most of their illnesses are closely related to their owners. When dogs are uncomfortable, it may be that their owners lack the knowledge of scientific feeding, which causes them to eat improperly. When raising a dog, it is better to go to the pet hospital regularly every year to do a general examination of the dog, including eardrum, gum, eye, lacrimal gland and so on, which is helpful for early detection and treatment of the dog’s physical problems.

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