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Rumor: Cats can stay at home alone for a month, don’t be silly anymore.

Rumor: Cats can stay at home alone for a month, don’t be silly anymore.

The cat is an independent animal, and it seems that it can live well without its owner. So much so that we have a misunderstanding: if the cat is at home to prepare enough water and food. Cats can live for a period, some people even say that cats can stay at home alone for a month, but today we want to refute the rumor that cats can’t stay at home alone for a month! Don’t be silly again!

Do cats feel lonely?

For dogs, no more than four hours of solitude is acceptable, and too much time can make dogs feel uneasy. For cats, because there is no specific research to provide us with a suitable time, we do not know.

Each cat is an individual, and its needs depend on many factors, such as the cat’s personality, the relationship between cats and people, and whether there are other pets in the house. So it’s hard to generalize about cats’ loneliness.

Is it good for cats to stay at home alone?

Cats are solitary animals, and in theory, given enough food and water, they can live alone all the time. However, we need to consider the following issues:/ What if the cat’s litter box is full? The cat is such a clean animal, isn’t it? Cats will naturally defecate outside. If the stool is not cleaned up for a long time, the odor will be aggravated, and insects will be attracted, which poses a great threat to the cat’s living environment.

And the water the cat drinks will also deteriorate, and the bacteria and dust in the space will fall into the cat’s water bowl, and the cat may get sick after drinking it.

The owner is forced to go far away. What about the cat?

  1. Find a friend to take care of the cat regularly and change the food or water for the cat.
  2. Foster a pet shop and choose a reliable pet shop to foster cats so that cats can be taken care of by special people.
  3. If the owner doesn’t go out for a long time, he can prepare enough water and food for the cat at home and prepare more litter boxes.

When it comes to cat food, the owner had better choose a cat food with high digestibility as the staple food for the cat because the cat’s stomach is more sensitive and fragile.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to turn the home into an amusement park for cats. Fun rooms allow cats to amuse themselves and ease their loneliness.

Prepare more cat climbing frames at home and put some cat toys in every corner of the room, which can alleviate the cat’s boredom to a certain extent.

There is no answer to the question of how long a cat can stay at home alone. We recommend that you don’t leave your cat alone for too long.

Epilogue: How often has your cat tried to stay at home?

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