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Remove dog parasites with the correct tool

Remove dog parasites with the correct tool

Miracle water and comb for small-scale infestations, just bathe the dog regularly and stick to a delousing comb. Bathing can drown fleas. Even without chemicals, natural plant flea removers or shampoos can prevent parasites while conditioning your pet’s skin. Dogs that like to be outside, no matter how long their hair is, they should bathe once a week during flea season and comb every inch of their hair with a dense tooth comb during grooming.

The teeth of the delousing comb are very closely spaced, so fleas can be removed from the hair. In addition to a weekly bath, a daily delousing comb keeps many dogs away from fleas. If more than one or two fleas appear every day for more than a week, or if your dog is very sensitive to flea bites Then it’s time to consider using a chemical flea remover.

Ways to keep your dog free of fleas without using any medicine.

  1. Give the dog a bath in the tub. Take a bath. Fill a basin with water and don’t let it run off. Carefully wash the hair down to the skin, especially the ears, tail, and abdomen where fleas are concentrated.
  2. Let the dog sit in the bathtub, so you can drown the fleas around your tail while you groom the rest of your body.
  3. Rinse the hair thoroughly 5 minutes, then spray with a hand-held sprayer or pour water on your body with a cup. (Plug the ears with cotton balls to prevent water from entering or hold the ears and fold them over.)
  4. Dry off as usual.
  5. At last, using a delousing comb or an appropriately sized comb, slowly comb from tail to head. Make sure to comb deep into the skin each time.
  6. If there are still fleas, Flea droppings and flea eggs exist, so find them. Add a small amount of alcohol and rinse it clean after it is all solved. Because of their hard shells, they may not be pinched by fingers. You don’t really want to crush them with your hands, do you?)
  7. If there are no signs of fleas after a thorough cleaning That’s good! Treat with a delousing comb every day. Take a bath once a week to keep the fleas away.

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