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Refuse to have a cat assassin! 7 Mistakes for Novices Beware of Hurting Cats!

Refuse to have a cat assassin! 7 Mistakes for Novices Beware of Hurting Cats!

Does the cat need to be dewormed? Do you want to be sterilized? What should a novice pay attention to when raising a cat? If you don’t pay attention, you may hurt your cat! Pay attention to the details of daily feeding and focus on improving the happiness index of cats. You must collect this article about the top 7 mistakes in raising cats.

Mistake 1: Give the cat to eat people. Cats are pure carnivores and cannot absorb most human food.

√ Correct: Try to feed your cat only commercial food and cooked meat

Mistake 2: 24-hour buffet Many domestic cats don’t get much exercise, and buffets can make cats picky eaters or overweight.

√ Correct:

Feeding frequency:
2-3 months old: 4 times/day
3-8 months old: 3 times/day
8 months +: 2-3 times/day

Mistake 3: Do not pay attention to the cat’s hair.

Cat’s tongue has a lot of barbs, in the process of licking and combing, the hair and other dirty things are all licked into the stomach, and long-term accumulation is prone to vomiting, constipation, and other problems.

√ Correct: Generally, hair solution products on the market include hair cream, hair tablets, cat grass, etc. My family has been using Red Dog Hairball Solution. It is easy to feed and more friendly to the cat’s stomach.

Red Dog Hairball Solution is a physical way to gently remove hair. A small amount of dietary fiber combines with water to form a sticky state, which can effectively absorb the hair in the gastrointestinal tract of cats. Glycerin is added to lubricate the intestines and stomach, and the hair can be discharged from the body together with the poop, reducing the chance of vomiting in cats.

Mistake 4: Random food exchange/mixed food feeding Mixing different brands of cat food in a short period of time and changing food quickly may cause gastrointestinal discomfort/diarrhea in cats.

√ Correct: 7-day food exchange method

Mistake 5: Don’t Neuter Your Cat Cats lose weight when they are in heat, become listless, and are more likely to run away from home in search of love.

√ Correct: After physiological maturity, sterilize at about 6-8 months of age

Mistake 6: Irregularly deworming your cat. Even if the cat does not go out, there is a risk of infection with parasites.

√ Correct: regular internal and external deworming.

Mistake 7: Don’t vaccinate your cat

√ Correct: regular vaccination.

How many of the seven misunderstandings of raising a cat have you fallen into? Hurry to check. Otherwise, it is easy to do bad things with good intentions, affecting the health of cats. Especially on the recent high-temperature days, the cat’s hair loss is serious, so we must pay attention to the hair removal work!

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