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Precautions for Pet Dog Care in Autumn | Dog Care Knowledge in Autumn

Precautions for Pet Dog Care in Autumn | Dog Care Knowledge in Autumn

Abstract: To cope with the changing weather and temperature of the four seasons, the dog’s body will make a series of changes accordingly. For example, when autumn comes, the dog will become particularly edible. To store more fat to keep out the cold before winter comes, the previous hair will fade and grow new thick hair. So what are the precautions for pet dogs in autumn? Let’s get to know it.

  1. Pay attention to the temperature difference

In autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large. If there is no prevention, it will easily make the dog catch a cold or cause gastrointestinal diseases because the dog is easy to have diarrhea, lack of appetite, or even a large temperature difference, which can cause discomfort in the dog’s nose and cause “nose suction”. Owners should add a cushion or blanket to the dog’s sleeping place to prevent the dog from catching a cold at night and wear clothes to keep out the cold when they go out in the evening.

  1. Pay attention to estrus

During the estrus period, most female dogs will suffer from loss of appetite and emotional instability. It is necessary to increase the appetite of female dogs and accompany more sensitive dogs. Male dogs, on the other hand, are more irritable, happy, and easily influenced by female dogs. They will become more likely to fight with other dogs, compete for a favor, and may get lost or harass people. The owner should do a good job of neutering the dog. After all, the dog can be neutered to prolong life. Dogs can usually be neutered when they are about one year old. In addition, when you go out, you should wear a leash to prevent harassment and control the dog from getting lost.

  1. Pay attention to disease prevention

When the weather gets cooler, the dog’s immunity will also decline. Cough and vomiting may occur, and in severe cases, fever, mental distress, and lack of appetite may lead to respiratory problems. At ordinary times, we must pay attention to keeping the dog warm and give priority to a light diet. If the dog has respiratory or digestive problems, we must pay more attention to providing it with adequate water, anti-inflammatory drugs, or cold medicine at home.

  1. Pay attention to allergies

Autumn is cool, the temperature at noon is still very good, suitable for taking dogs out for a walk, but it should be noted that this season is very easy to be allergic, it is easy to sneeze, skin itching, redness, and swelling should try to avoid going to some dirty places, some puddles, ponds, and other places are not recommended to stay for a long time. Owners need to know the dog’s allergens, the dog’s occasional allergic symptoms do not need to worry too much, but the dog has been in an uncomfortable state and needs to go to the hospital for treatment. Usually, pay attention to the dog not eating indiscriminately, it is likely to eat something allergic, go out with some snacks chicken jerky, prevent the dog from eating indiscriminately, but also as a reward to make the dog more obedient.

  1. Pay attention to gaining weight

Dogs instinctively save fat in the fall and eat more. For some pet dogs who have no worries about food, or clothing, it is superfluous, but dogs also have this nature, owners need to pay attention to dogs not over-store food leading to obesity. Need to control the amount of feeding, of course, usually also need to pay attention to the dog to maintain good eating habits, the dog’s health is very helpful. Usually, you can take your dog out to exercise more, which can promote digestion and enhance the dog’s physique at the same time. So that dogs are not so easy to get sick.

  1. Pay attention to hair loss

Autumn is the season for dogs to change their hair, which makes the family with hair loss worse, makes the owner more likely to be covered with dog hair, and hygiene needs to be taken care of regularly. Usually, combing the dog more promotes the development of new hair, but also lets the hair fall together, easy to clean, but also alleviates the situation of hair loss.

To alleviate the dog’s hair loss, the diet can be kept light and low-salt, and more sunshine can help the hair. In terms of diet, it is suggested that the staple food can choose natural food with low salt and balanced nutrition, select chicken, beef, and fish, high meat content, high protein, and vegetable ingredients, balanced nutrition, which can provide dogs with a lot of nutrients and make dogs healthier.

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