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Pet Guide- Pet Feeding, Pet Diseases, Animal Hospital, Pet Care, Pet Supplies, Pet Entertainment

Pet Guide- Pet Feeding, Pet Diseases, Animal Hospital, Pet Care, Pet Supplies, Pet Entertainment

In the past, pets were animals kept by people to eliminate loneliness or for entertainment purposes, but now more and more people regard their pets as part of the family and devote themselves to raising and training them, and many pets have become spiritual sustenance of human beings. In this article, the author will introduce pet raising guidelines through pet feeding, pet diseases, animal hospitals, pet care, pet supplies, pet entertainment, pet raising precautions, and other aspects to help you get along better with pets.

Pet feeding

Pet food is classified into dry food, canned food, soft (semi-dry) food, snack food (all kinds of meat sticks, dried meat strips, sausages, and milk bones, etc.).

Essential nutrients water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, inorganic salts. Pet health care products, compound powder or tablets of various vitamins, blueberry essence, nutritional cream, calcium powder, calcium tablets, puppy goat milk powder, milk powder, natural astaxanthin, seaweed powder, hair beauty products.

Pets should not eat grapes and raisins, dough, chewing gum, chocolate, raw eggs, onions and garlic, avocados, wild mushrooms, alcoholic beverages, etc.

Pet dogs, pet cats, pet mice, pet turtles, pet pigeons, pet rabbits, pet pigs, and pet geckos are fed to different types of pets.

Pet sick

Common diseases of dogs include respiratory diseases, skin diseases, eye diseases, dental diseases, otitis externa, constipation, fractures, dystocia, heartworm, congenital diseases, and so on.

Common diseases of cats include gastrointestinal diseases, urethral diseases, colds, etc.

Common diseases of hamsters include skin diseases, heart diseases, tumors, malocclusion, constipation, colds, etc.

Common diseases of tortoise include tortoiseshell softening, gastroenteritis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa septicemia, skin rot disease, white eye disease, cold, etc.

The common diseases of rabbits are diarrhea, malocclusion, respiratory organ diseases, rabbit coccidiosis, rabbit acariasis, etc.

Essential medicines for pet raising hydrogen peroxide, anti-inflammatory powder (sulfanilamide crystal), purple liquid medicine, erythromycin ointment, multi-enzyme tablets, pepsin tablets, compound vitamins, gentamicin tablets, metoclopramide tablets, development treasure, chloramphenicol eye drops, vitamin E, glycerin suppositories, phenobarbital, etc.

Pet care

Pet estrus care diet nutrition collocation, control the amount of food, strengthen the amount of activity. Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene and scrub the vulva with warm water every day.

Do not eat until 6-8 hours after the sterilization of the pet. Prepare enough water. After sterilization, pets are prone to obesity, so it is necessary to control the amount of food and supplement adequate nutrition. Observe the state of pets every day and seek medical treatment as soon as possible in case of abnormalities. Do not move too much within 7 days after surgery to prevent pets from scratching or licking the wound with their paws or tongues.

Pet birth care pays attention to the state of the pet to be born, prepares the site and production equipment to be born, assists the production correctly, and pays attention to pet hygiene. After giving birth to a pet, the mother should be given adequate nutrition and attention should be paid to the condition of the young.

Newborn pet care should pay attention to the situation of cubs drinking milk and water. Pay attention to the mother’s pets to avoid them harming the young. Ensure that small pets have a warm and comfortable nest.

Pet entertainment

Necessary supplies for pets to go out: pet bag, pet leash, pet toys, pet anti-loss device, pet snacks, etc.

Pay attention to public health when going out with pets, such as cleaning up urine and feces, injecting pets with vaccines to reduce potential safety hazards, wearing traction ropes to control pets, etc.

Pet entertainment games, parabolic games, search games, outdoor games.

Book an aerobic cabin for pet transportation and buy a pet air box; vaccinate the pet and handle the quarantine certificate and registration procedures; do not feed the pet in the morning before departure; go to the airport cargo terminal or baggage claim area to pick up the pet after getting off the plane.

Pet competitions include CFA cat race, agility sport, Frisbee sport, fly ball sport, decoy chase, optional dance with dog music, CAC event, CACIB event, etc.

Pet supplies

Pet toys, ball training toys, Frisbee training toys, cat scratching boards, cat teasing sticks, hamster running wheels, and so on, many animals will have their own favorite small toys. Dog toys, cat toys, hamster toys, rabbit toys.

Pet cleaning products, oral cleaning products, cleaning bone for friction, hair bath milk, anti-depilation dry cleaning powder, toilet, nail sharpener, carpet freshener, etc. Dog cleaning, cat cleaning, fish tank cleaning, hamster cleaning, turtle cleaning, bird cleaning, rabbit cleaning, and gecko cleaning.

Pet grooming supplies combs, brushes, pet shampoos, large towels, hair dryers, hair care solutions, large enough bathtubs, etc.

Pet clothing winter clothes, raincoats, pet skirts, pet suits, pet clothes DIY, pet sunscreen, etc. Winter clothes, raincoat, pet skirt, pet suit, pet clothes DIY, pet sunscreen

Precautions for keeping pets

The advantage of keeping a pet is that the company of a pet can make the owner no longer feel lonely and make you happier; many pets can guard the house and protect the owner; can help the owner to make friends, learn new skills, etc.

The disadvantages of keeping pets are zoonotic diseases, the possibility of affecting the relationship between neighbors, the need for compensation for pet injuries, the cost of more, and the loss of many freedoms.

These people are not suitable for people who keep pets and travel frequently, who work overtime longer than working hours, who work in irregular places, lazy people, people with financial constraints, people without love, people with three-minute passion, and people around them who have different opinions.

Different groups raise students, office workers, single girls, single men, couples, the elderly, and families.

Pet cleaning, pet deinsectization, pet deodorization, pet hair loss, pet fleas, pet halitosis.

Bad habits of pets include noise, biting, attacking, barking, indoor urination and defecation, mouth biting, dragging behavior, food stealing, sensitivity, and picky eating.

Once bitten by a pet or animal, we need to treat the wound urgently. The most important thing is to avoid infection with the virus. We need to go to the hospital immediately. Dog bites, cat bites, rat bites, spider bites, snake bites, lizard bites, dog bites, cat bites.

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