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Novice Cat Raising, 6 Mistakes of Deworming and Lightning Protection

Novice Cat Raising, 6 Mistakes of Deworming and Lightning Protection

Many cat owners know to get rid of insects, but often in the wrong way, deworming is not effective.

I have been raising cats for 5 years, and I have 3 cats at home. Today, I would like to share with you 6 misunderstandings of deworming and some experiences of deworming. I hope it will be helpful to cat owners.

  1. Common mistake of deworming: Cats usually do not go out and do not need deworming. Cats do not go out, but may also be infected with parasites through humans, insects and so on.
  2. I don’t see any worms on the cat, so I don’t need to drive it. Not seeing parasites is not equal to not having parasites, but seeing parasites is equal to serious infection!
  3. A cat can be dewormed once in a lifetime. Anthelmintics protect cats and dogs for a limited time, usually 1 month.
  4. A bath can deworm a cat. Bathing can’t kill the stubborn parasites outside the cat.
  5. Any kind of deworming medicine can get rid of all the parasites in cats. Different anthelmintics target different types of parasites. A more rigorous and reliable approach is a regular external drive and internal drive.
  6. The cat is uncomfortable after deworming because the anthelmintic is not good. It is normal for cats to have slight discomfort after deworming, and it usually returns to normal in 1 to 2 days.

Correct deworming method:

Time: over 2 months old

External anthelmintic → (after 3 days) Oral anthelmintic → (after more than 7 days) Vaccine


  1. External anthelmintic: immobilize the cat, remove the back neck hair, squeeze on the deworming drops, and wear the Elizabeth ring.
  2. Oral anthelmintic: gently pinch both sides of the cat’s mouth with the thumb and forefinger. After the mouth is separated, quickly insert the tablet into the mouth, massage the cat’s throat, and guide it to swallow.

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