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Never raise a dog like this! Puppy Scientific Feeding Strategy

Never raise a dog like this! Puppy Scientific Feeding Strategy

Novice dog-raising sisters are inevitably in a hurry when they first raise dogs and do not know how to save worry about raising this cute little dog at home, especially the following five easily overlooked precautions.

Adequate preparation before picking up the dog

Cleaning of living environment:

Before the dog gets home, it must be cleaned, especially in the corner, and small objects should be put away to avoid the dog eating by mistake. Multi-pet families need to temporarily separate the aborigines from the new dogs after the dogs are brought home.

Necessary supplies: dog cage, dog kennel, dog toilet, dog basin (1 for drinking water and 1 for food), goat milk powder, staple food.

The correct way to pick up the dog

Observe the dog’s condition (this is important to avoid buying a sick dog):

Ear: inside clean and dry, pink without secretions
Eyes: the eyes are bright and clean without tears.
Nose: moist without nose or other secretions
Hair: the hair is healthy and shiny
Anus: the hair is healthy and shiny
Stool: shaped, no odor, no blood.
State of mind: React lively and sensitive and interact with people.


  1. Guarantee for buying a dog: Ask about the after-sale guarantee and sign a written contract.
  2. Know your diet: Ask your dog about his diet and what he’s currently eating.
  3. Deworming and vaccination: Ask if the dog is dewormed and vaccinated.
  4. Bring your own test paper: You can bring your own canine distemper parvovirus test paper to test your health.

Matters needing attention when arriving home

  1. Give enough rest: The puppy has just changed the environment, and its own resistance decreases, need enough rest, to restore physical strength, do not play with the dog immediately.
  2. Do not feed immediately: Do not feed immediately when you get home, especially when you have stress reactions such as vomiting and diarrhea. You need to wait for the state to recover before feeding properly.
  3. Do not bathe without deworming and vaccination: The dog has not completed deworming and vaccination and has poor resistance. Bathing the dog can easily cause a series of diseases such as colds.

4, just arrived home, not anxious to take the dog out: the dog just arrived home, prone to stress reaction leading to poor immunity, anxious to take the dog out easy to cause the dog sick.

Scientific diet and feeding

10-day food exchange method: The new food is mixed with the old food in a certain proportion, and then the proportion is gradually increased. After 10 days of mixed food, the new food is completely replaced to help the dog’s stomach better adapt to the new food.

Feed according to your dog’s needs:

2 to 3 months: feeding milk cake which is easy to digest, good in milk source, and high in nutrition

3-12 months: feed a dog food with good meat source, excellent protein, and more nutrition

Deworming and Vaccination

Deworming: once every 3 months in vivo and once every 1 month in vitro.

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