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Never give your cat a human contraceptive

Never give your cat a human contraceptive

There are a lot of cat breeders who don’t want their cats to get pregnant and give them birth control pills. But cats can have a lot of side effects if they eat human contraceptives for a long time. Therefore, the use of contraceptives for cats to eat people will seriously affect the health of cats.

Neu, a 4-year-old female cat, is the sweetheart of Yaa, the hostess. The owner takes good care of its diet and daily life. The better the living conditions, the easier Neu seems to be in heat. Currently, the owner solves the problem by feeding contraceptives. So, year after year, until one day, Yaa felt a very hard lump on Neu’s breast and sent Neu to the animal hospital for examination with some uneasiness and found that she had serious breast cancer. Neu had a major operation to remove the cancerous breast, ovary, and inguinal lymph nodes.

Frequent estrus is the main cause of reproductive system (breast and ovarian) tumors, and feeding human contraceptives seriously destroys the hormone balance in cats and accelerates the occurrence of cancer. Looking at the cat in her arms, Yaa’s sadness and guilt cannot bring back the cat’s health.

Many cat owners don’t know much about the ingredients and effects of the pill itself when they feed it to their cats. They just try it when they hear it’s useful, so they make a big mistake. I sincerely hope that the owners of cats will not make mistakes and let the fragile body of cats bear the misfortune.

The main ingredients of human contraceptives are estrogen and progesterone, which can inhibit ovulation. Because of the different ingredients, dosage, and dosage forms of various contraceptives, the main links of contraceptive effects are also different. Even if the user is a human being, it should be taken according to the doctor’s instructions.

How does a cat’s reproductive system work?

The estrus of sexually mature female cats lasts 5 to 8 days, and the longest can reach 20 days. During this period, female cats release many sex pheromones when they are in heat and attract male cats with their unique and loud calls.

There are many of authoritative data to prove that the estrous cycle of female cats is indirectly regulated by the length of sunshine, and the rhythm of sunshine will stimulate the hypothalamus and release the corresponding hormones. When the days get longer, the brain sends a signal to the body that the breeding season is here. Indoor domestic cats, due to the influence of artificial lighting such as fluorescent lamps, can be in heat in any season of the year.

Cats are induced ovulation, which means that the female cat must be induced by mating activity to ovulate. Ovulation usually occurs 24 hours after mating. If there is no mating or failure to conceive during the estrus period, the female cat may come into estrus again.

How harmful are contraceptives to cats?

Drugs are poisonous, and contraceptives, even if taken by humans, will affect the body’s material metabolism and nutrient absorption. If you have ever given birth control pills to a cat, how much did you give it at one time? Half slice? A slice? Or more? You know. A quarter of a human birth control pill contains too much estrogen for a cat. Long-term, massive feeding of contraceptives to cats, can cause arteriosclerosis, ovarian bleeding, ovarian cysts, uterine infection and empyema, breast tumors, and even breast cancer. Ovarian and uterine lesions in cats will also bring about changes in physical and behavioral patterns, such as laziness, hyperphagia, overweight, etc.

Are there any contraceptives suitable for cats at present?

Unfortunately, there are currently no contraceptives suitable for cats, and although scientific institutions in many countries are committed to developing satisfactory drugs, it seems that there is still a long way to go before success. It is hoped that owners will not indulge in this or choose other ways to solve the problem of female cats in heat.

Please pay more attention to the reproductive health of “Cat Girl”

Cats don’t need the joy and satisfaction of sexual relationships. For them, the work of breeding is hard and serious, especially for female cats who are responsible for reproductive work. If you don’t want your cat to suffer, consider spaying it as an adult. You may think that surgery is dangerous and painful for cats, but in fact, cats face more dangers and pain every birth than in operation. Moreover, sterilization surgery has been very mature; the implementation of sterilization surgery for cats can avoid the pain caused by estrus, and fundamentally reduce the health risks of cats.

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