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[Methods and Steps] How to brush the dog’s teeth? What tools do you need?

[Methods and Steps] How to brush the dog’s teeth? What tools do you need?

Brushing a dog’s teeth is also essential to the breeding process. Unlike humans, dogs don’t brush their teeth, so it’s up to the owner to brush the dog’s teeth himself. It is not difficult to brush the dog’s teeth if the relevant tools are prepared, then brush it according to scientific methods and steps.

First, prepare the tools that the dog needs to brush his teeth. For example, professional pet toothbrushes, pet toothpaste, or some soft gauze can be prepared. If it’s a puppy’s first brush, you can wrap a soft gauze around your finger and then dip it in water or light saline to wipe the dog’s teeth. If you brush your teeth with a toothbrush, the method is similar.

Secondly, before brushing your teeth, you should stabilize your dog’s body and don’t let it move. Parents can try to communicate with the dog or touch it and relax the dog’s mood so that it is not nervous and afraid. Whether using gauze or a pet toothbrush, when brushing the dog’s teeth, the action must be gentle, rubbing the dog’s teeth and gums back and forth at a 45-degree angle.

Thirdly, when brushing the dog’s teeth, the owner should gently support the dog’s jaw with one hand and hold the toothbrush with the other hand to gently brush the dog’s teeth. In this way, the pet dog’s teeth can be exposed, and the teeth can be cleaned more thoroughly when brushing.

Finally, clean the dog’s mouth with clean water after brushing the dog. This way, the work of brushing the dog’s teeth is completed. Note that you must insist on brushing your dog’s teeth. If conditions permit, you can brush your dog’s teeth thrice a week. Of course, if conditions permit, you can also take your dog to see a professional dentist every year for an oral examination, cleaning tartar and calculus, and protecting oral health.

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