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List of Necessary Family Medicine Chest for Cute Pets

List of Necessary Family Medicine Chest for Cute Pets

Abstract: Although babies are rarely sick, some minor illnesses are still unavoidable, so there is still a lot of standing medicine at home. Let’s introduce the items in the medicine chest. Most of the medicines can be bought at the drugstore and they are very cheap. You don’t have to go to the hospital at any time.

Essential home medicine kit for pet owners

Surgical First Aid

Hydrogen peroxide: If it is a general skin injury, you can use it to clean the wound first.

Yunnan Baiyao: If the puppy is broken and bleeding, stop the bleeding first. The medicinal powder is smeared on the wound. If there is too much bleeding, the puppy can take some appropriately.

Anti-inflammatory powder (sulfanilamide crystal): This is a commonly used and effective wound anti-inflammatory drug. It should be noted that after smearing on the surface of the wound, it should be bandaged to prevent the dog from licking.

Purple potion: Use during the growth period of the wound skin.

Erythromycin Ointment: May be used during wound healing. May also be used in puppies with suppurative skin disease.

Bandage, gauze, cotton wool, and adhesive tape: necessary for the first aid of pet trauma to protect the wound.

Digestive tract medication

Multi-enzyme tablets, pepsin tablets, and multi-vitamin: These drugs will be of great help to the puppy’s indigestion and loss of appetite and can effectively regulate the gastrointestinal function of the puppy.

Gentamicin tablets: Some owners are anxious because of vomiting and diarrhea caused by indigestion in puppies. This medicine can play an important role in diarrhea in puppies.

Metoclopramide Tablets: If pups’ vomit, then the owner gives them Metoclopramide Tablets to stop vomiting.

Development Treasure: Give the dog some tonic that can regulate the gastrointestinal function at ordinary times, and it can also prevent the dog from diarrhea.

Special medication

Chloramphenicol eye drop: a necessary medicine for the eyes. It can be used to treat conjunctivitis and keratitis. Because of its low price, it can also be used to wash without eye diseases to keep the eyes clean. It is especially important for dogs with large and bulging eyes, such as Jingba and Bugs.

Vitamin E: The dog who has been at home for many years is gradually moving towards his old age. Often give the dog some vitamin E, which will make it “young forever”.

Glycerin suppository: When the dog is constipated, it is a very effective medicine to squeeze into the anus.

Phenobarbital: Some puppies suffer from epilepsy and have seizures occasionally. Giving this medicine to your dog before the seizure will effectively control the condition.

Thermometer: Measure your dog’s temperature.

Carsickness medicine: Take the dog out to travel, can give the dog with a history of carsickness to prepare some sedatives, commonly used diazepam tablets, chlorpromazine, etc. Because taking sedatives can interfere with the dog’s ability to regulate, after taking them in the carriage at a high temperature, it is likely to suffer from heatstroke, which can lead to death in serious cases, so it is better to consult the veterinarian about the dosage.

The harm of human drugs to dogs

The physiological structure of humans and animals is very different, especially the brain structure determines the regulation function of the brain, and the number and type of liver and kidney enzymes are very different. These determine that drugs have different pharmacological and toxicological effects on humans and animals, or even completely opposite. For pets, there are several types of human drugs that are very toxic and should be paid special attention to, otherwise, they will endanger the lives of dogs.

Caffeine-containing cold medicines or other medicines containing such substances. Caffeine is used to excite the cerebral cortex and relieve pain in humans. For pets, it can also cause convulsions and convulsions in the medulla oblongata and spinal cord, and eventually lead to coma and death.

Traditional Chinese medicines containing fleece-flower root and strychnine, such as Gucining, excite the spinal cord and cause opisthotonos in pets, killing them instantly.

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