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Kittens must be socialized to be obedient and clingy

Kittens must be socialized to be obedient and clingy

Social training is still very important for cats, and well-trained cats will get sick less. And good habits should be formed from an early age, which is also a process to help it grow.

  1. Nail clipping:

Cats must cut their nails regularly so that they are not easily hurt when playing together. My kitten hated cutting its nails, struggling, and biting people. After cutting their nails, they are rewarded with small snacks and comforted by touching them. Many times, they feel that they can only accept their fate and then obey them obediently.

  1. Bite the charging line

Once the kitten is found biting the wire, first reprimand it, then wipe the essential balm on the wire, press the kitten’s head to force it to bite, and then it will never bite the wire again, at most playing with its claws.

  1. Make trouble

Kittens love to make trouble because they are energetic and want their owners to accompany them, so they deliberately make trouble to attract their owners’ attention. The solution is to take one of his favorite cat teasing sticks and run around the room until he opens his mouth to breathe, making sure that the kitten just wants to sleep and doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

  1. Scratching

Kittens like to grind their paws and scratch, which is unavoidable. They can only cut their nails regularly and buy more cat scratch boards and climbing frames. Sofas and mattresses need to be wrapped in sackcloth at the corners to prevent the kitten from scratching, otherwise, the furniture will suffer.

  1. Deodorization

There is a smell in the cat’s home, and the kitten runs around every day. Cleaning and deodorizing spray are used all the time in the house, which can remove the smell quickly. The cat scratching board, climbing frame, sofa, and bed are cleaned by spraying once a week. It’s best to use a spray that’s harmless to kittens, so you don’t have to worry about licking them.

  1. Love to bite and scratch

Every time I pointed at the wound and cried out in pain and grabbed it and scolded it in a roaring way, and it remembered it after many times. Now, whenever the kittens bite me, I pretend to be in pain, and they will stop and lick me for fear that I will be angry.

  1. Feeding

Regular feeding is better than self-service feeding. Of course, it’s not that self-service is not good, it’s just a personal habit. It is not easy to form the habit of wasting food by feeding kittens at fixed points.

  1. Midnight parkour disturbs my sleep

As soon as the kitten made a noise, I picked it up, scolded it, and locked it in a cage. Many times, when I fell asleep, they were super quiet, and as soon as I woke up, the two kittens immediately ran to me to act like a spoiled child.

  1. Beat the cat

Basically, it scares them, hits the floor and the bed next to them, scares the kittens up their ears, pats them twice, scolds them loudly, and then closes the cage. Basically, after a while, they will turn their bellies to show weakness and ask for forgiveness.

  1. Cultivate feelings

Usually often touch, hold, talk with, and tease the kitten so that the cat has a good temper and clingy. I touch them when I am free, tease them for half an hour at a fixed time every day, and occasionally reward them with snacks so that the kittens will be good-tempered, clingy, and coquettish.

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