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If it is difficult for dogs to lose weight, you must try these 2 methods

If it is difficult for dogs to lose weight, you must try these 2 methods

Although the dog is so active, it is also very easy to get fat. Obesity in dogs can lead to a variety of health problems. As a responsible owner, for the sake of the dog’s health, it is still necessary to lose weight.

Main causes of dog obesity:

  1. Insufficient exercise
  2. Overeating
  3. In addition to the above two common reasons, irregular life (unexpectedly, dogs can also live irregularly) can also lead to obesity in dogs.

The main reason is that the owner himself lives irregularly and does not like sports, which leads to the dog’s lack of exercise and irregular life. Over time, the dog becomes fat. Dogs that get fat easily include Labradors, beagles, dachshunds, etc. Diseases that can be caused by obesity in dogs. Fat dogs are prone to arteriosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, skin diseases and so on. And dogs are at high risk of surgery if they are too fat.

How to tell if a dog is obese?

Dogs are fat not by weight but by shape. Although some dogs are heavy, their bones and muscles are relatively developed, which will not affect their health.

  1. Waist curve

Looking down from the top of the dog’s body, you can’t see the waist, and there is a problem of obesity.

  1. Touch the ribs

Gently press both sides of the dog’s waist. If you can’t touch the ribs, it’s also a fat dog.

  1. Touch the spine

Touch the dog’s back, cannot touch the spine, is also a fat dog.

How to lose weight for dogs?

The basic principle of losing weight: control your diet and open your legs. Like people, they can’t lose too much weight in a short time. Otherwise, the dog’s body will not be able to bear it.

  1. Control its diet

Losing weight is not simply eating less but controlling calories. Make sure your dog is not hungry and eat some low-calorie dog food as much as possible.

  1. Increase exercise

Although you walk your dog every day, don’t suddenly increase your dog’s exercise because of just losing weight. If there is a dog swimming pool nearby, you can take your dog swimming more often, which is very friendly to its joints.

Losing weight cannot be successful in a day. It not only needs the dog to cooperate to make the dog healthier, and it can accompany us for a longer time, but the owner himself should also stick to help it lose weight.

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