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How to train cats not to be afraid of water

How to train cats not to be afraid of water

It’s natural for cats to be afraid of water. Some cats will be very resistant to water if they don’t touch the water until they are adults. Others will become very afraid of water if they encounter unhappy experiences in the process of bathing. Because cats ancestors lived mainly in desert areas and seldom touched the water, their hair would be very difficult to dry after touching the water, so if you want to train cats not to be afraid of water, you need to get used to it from an early age.

The most direct way to train cats not to be afraid of water is to expose them to water from an early age. In the beginning, you can try to fill a small basin with some water and let the cat play. To better attract and tease the cat, you can also put some small fish in the basin, pay attention not to enlarge the fish, can swim flexibly to attract the attention of the cat.

In the beginning, don’t try to throw the cat directly into the water, which may make the cat more nervous and afraid of water. You can give the cat enough time to play with the water and discover the fun of the water. In addition, when the cat is young, it should be trained to get used to bathing, so that the cat has more contact with water, when the pet cat really gets used to water and likes water, it will not be afraid of water.

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