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How to stop dogs from fighting

How to stop dogs from fighting

If you raise more than two dogs at the same time, dogs will bite each other more or less. This is usually to fight for territory, food, toys, and the owner’s love, that is, to be jealous. Therefore, in addition to the above aspects to prevent dogs from fighting, it is more important to prevent them from daily life:

  1. If you have a dog first and then a second dog, remember that the first dog should always have priority, such as eating first and walking first, so as not to arouse the jealousy of the first dog.
  2. Try to let the big dog be the boss. Because in the society of dogs, the size of the body determines the social status. Don’t hug and kiss small dogs in front of big dogs just because they are cute, which will cause unbalanced psychology of dogs.
  3. No matter which dog is the boss. Remember that you still need to teach your dog obedience training and let them know that you are the boss so that when the dogs fight each other, you have enough weight to stop them from fighting.
  4. When two dogs fight for the first time, Unless the situation gets out of control, as long as you are not too crazy to bite each other, it is recommended that you observe for a while. Don’t get involved in the dog’s fight. The winner will be decided, and the loser will surrender.
  5. If you want to keep two dogs at the same time, it is recommended that you raise one male and one female, because the same sex repels each other and the opposite sex attracts each other, so there will be fewer quarrels and fights.

If you already have two dogs of the same sex, you can improve the dog’s aggression by neutering the dog. When your own dog bites each other, remember to deal with the stronger dog first, because if you protect the weaker one first, it will only cause the stronger dog’s psychological imbalance, but chase the weaker dog everywhere, so suppress the stronger dog first, the weaker dog will naturally find a place to hide, in order to avoid the psychological imbalance of the dog in the future. When you take your dog out for a walk, it will be provoked by other dogs, and even two dogs will bite each other. This happens most often in parks and green areas where dogs meet because there are some irresponsible breeders who are provoked by their dogs and even allow their dogs to attack or challenge other dogs. Instead of apologizing, the dog that bites someone else is complacent that his dog is brave and good at fighting. At this time, the owners who want to protect the dog from being bitten will be anxious to block the fighting dog with their bodies or hands. At this time, the poor owners will be involved in this crazy fight. If they are not careful, the dog will turn to attack and bite you (even your own dog). This sudden attack is called “redirected aggression”. In order to prevent owners from becoming targets of attack, these methods can prevent dogs from fighting with other dogs. If you don’t stop them and treat them as a farce, it’s possible that other dogs will hurt you, which is not a joke.

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