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How to feed a kitten that doesn’t have teeth yet?

How to feed a kitten that doesn’t have teeth yet?

Do you know how to feed a kitten when a friend gives it to you, or you pick it up before it has teeth? Here’s how to feed such a kitten.

(1) Cat-milk. The stomach of a cat is different from that of a human, so the milk that a human drink is actually not suitable for a cat. Special milk for cats can be purchased from professional veterinarians, cat supplies stores, and large-scale pet stores. If the cat can’t drink from the cat bowl by itself, you have to prepare a bigger syringe. After soaking the warm cat milk, suck the cat milk into the syringe from the needle (of course, there is no needle!), then catch the kitten, and slowly inject the cat milk into the cat’s mouth with the needle. At this time, the kitten will know that it is food and drink it slowly! Special attention should be paid here: The temperature of soaking cat milk must not be too high, because the cat’s tongue is very afraid of burning!

(2) Soak the dried cat ingredients in water. About half an hour before the meal, you have to add water to the dried cat ingredients and soak them until they are soft. When the time comes, you can start the meal on time. If you are fastidious, you can also buy special dry materials for kittens. In addition, if you are worried about the lack of nutrition, you can also use special milk for cats instead of water to soften the dry material.

(3) Beef extract (mud)

(4) Canned kitten

(5) Mother cat’s milk. There is also a way to feed kittens which is to borrow cat nurses. If there is a mother cat that has just given birth to a kitten, and who has more nipples and milk, foster temporarily with it until the kitten can be weaned and then bring it back. Soak the weaning area with iodine solution or disinfectant water.

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