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How to bathe a one-month-old kitten!

How to bathe a one-month-old kitten!

Today, let’s talk about some methods and precautions for bathing kittens. The socialization of kittens begins at 7 weeks. I usually give them their first bath at the full moon (of course, they can be washed at birth). One month is a good time to let these little villains know about water and water blowers!

You need to prepare: a kitten, warm indoor environment, bathtub or washbasin, soft and absorbent bath towel or towel, water blower, or hair dryer.

Step 1: Turn on the heater. After the temperature is suitable, put the kitten into the dry bathtub. At this time, the kitten may be a little scared. I will turn on the water but not add water to the basin. Let them listen to the sound of water and wait for a while.

Step 2: After the water temperature is suitable, move the shower to the basin and slowly pour some water on the back of the kitten (please use the shower with a gentle water column). The water surface in the basin can reach the abdomen of the kitten.

Step 3: Fully wet the body of the kitten. I do not recommend spraying the head with a shower. Wipe the face with your fingers. Then I will add a small amount of bath lotion to the water. Here I use cosy. It is not recommended to use the original liquid to smear the body. You can use a small amount of original liquid to gently rub the particularly dirty parts. Do not use bath lotion on the face. Most of the dirt on the body will dissolve after soaking in water.

Step 4: Empty the bath solution and rinse it completely with clean water.

Step 5: Gently squeeze the water from the body and quickly wrap the kitten in a bath towel or towel to absorb the water (not recommended to use a chamois towel).

Step 6: Put the kitten on the table (wrapped in a bath towel, do not catch a cold), turn on the water blower or hair dryer (please do not use the drying box), also do not blow the cat directly, and let the kitten feel the sound of the fan for a while, then we first dry the stomach, and then gradually dry the whole body (please do not put the hair dryer to the ear canal). Be careful of burns, and finally check whether the kitten is all dried, especially under the ears, four armpits, neck, and butt.

Step 7: Don’t forget to return it to your mother after taking the picture.

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