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How many months can a puppy take a bath?

How many months can a puppy take a bath?

My dog is now two and a half months old, and it’s been ten days since he got his first shot. He hasn’t been bathed since he was born and has only used pet dry powder for dry cleaning, but the smell of the dog is getting stronger and stronger, and he feels itchy himself. Checked a lot of strategies and asked the doctor to say that if the dog is dried after bathing, pay attention to drying. If the dog catches a cold, it is easy to cause diseases such as canine distemper.

Close all the windows in the house before bathing the dog, prepare shower gel and towels in advance, and prepare absorbent towels and bath towels, and a wrapped blanket. Turn on all the bathroom heaters in the bathroom, and the water should be turned on until the temperature is higher than that of a normal person.

The first time I bathed the dog, it was very difficult. He was a little scared. I held him directly on my body and sat on the ground with him. Wet the dog’s limbs first, and when he gets used to it, he will lie on me obediently. Then the dog’s chest and back can be wet, and the head should be washed last. Rinse twice, massage around the eyes and mouth, and be careful that its nose chokes water. The shower gel must be rinsed off! After washing it all, dry it with water first, and the dog will also dry it. Put a blanket on the table, hold it and dry it with a hair dryer. My dog is probably used to watching me blow dry my hair, and he’s not afraid of the hair dryer. When the hair dryer is half dry, I use the pet grooming and hair dryer to pull and dry it. The whole process lasted for more than an hour, and I was as hot as sweat, but the dog seemed to be a new dog after the bath, and it was much more beautiful.

Give the dog a bath to be patient. I think it is better to give the dog the first bath at home. The familiar environment will make it relax, cultivate it will not resist the bath, and when it adapts to the bath, it will not be afraid to take a bath in the pet shop. The dried dog is beautiful and fragrant. It was dry and had no cold, and it was alive and kicking without any problem. Owners who want to bathe their dogs at home should be well prepared to try it.

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