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Hello, please don’t raise Border Collie.

Hello, please don’t raise Border Collie.

As an owner of border collies, I feel deeply worried every time I see a lot of comments under the posts advocating “border collies are border collies and dogs are dogs”, which are so cute that I also want to raise border collies.

In my opinion, border collies are the most heartwarming and lovable beings in the world. In the past eight years, my two border collies have brought me infinite happiness and beauty. But as a novice, I rashly took two puppies home, and the countless collapses and hysteria I had experienced made me just want to say to the novice: Don’t keep the border collie! Don’t raise border collie! Don’t raise border collie!


  1. As an excellent working dog, border collies naturally need a lot of exercises. It is not a simple walk that can consume their energy. The owner needs to spend at least two hours a day playing, sniffing, and chasing it to vent the infinite energy in his body. If they can’t get enough exercise, the mood of the border collie is prone to serious problems.
  2. Demolition is also a headache for many parents of border collies. Border collies are always too excited and energetic to vent, and they can easily shift their targets to furniture and appliances at home. Three-legged chairs and exposed corners are often the standards of border collie families.
  3. Border collies are extremely sensitive working dogs with visual dynamics. They have a strong desire to chase and hunt running animals and vehicles. If they are not trained reasonably, it is easy for them to develop bad habits of chasing cars, chasing cats, and exploding.
  4. Border collies are smart and have their own ideas. Many instructions are clearly understood but deliberately not done. If the master’s training method is not right at this time, it is easy to cultivate the rebellious character of the border collie and may even attack the master. border collie who has a high IQ, sensitive, timid, and jealous. It is easy to be hostile to strangers or dogs, and easy to fight.

Unfortunately, I have experienced all the above problems. To correct the behavioral problems of my two puppies, I signed up for countless courses, learned countless theories, and cried countless times. I’m glad I didn’t want to give them up when I was most desperate. It took many years and many hours of companionship and training. Finally, he even quit his job and opened an online shop to take them to work and accompany them at any time, so they became obedient and sensible dogs today.

I know a lot of novices who decide to keep a border collie on a whim, and after a series of problems he never thought of, such as barking, biting, and pulling, they also make a hasty decision to abandon the dog. Being abandoned and wandering on the streets is even more painful for the highly intelligent and sensitive border collie.

If you do not have independent economic ability, cannot guarantee adequate companionship, do not have sufficient patience and do not have the psychological preparation to accompany it for a lifetime, I implore you not to raise a border collie.

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