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Have a dog? The teddy dog is very worry-free

Have a dog? The teddy dog is very worry-free

If you are considering raising a dog, then I recommend you raise a teddy dog. This kind of dog is very worry-free and especially suitable for family breeding.

① Very clean
Raising Teddy doesn’t have to worry about getting dirty at home. It’s a dog with less hair loss, and its hair can hardly be found at home, so it can make the owner feel special and doesn’t have to clean up often.
So if you like a clean dog, you can’t go wrong with a teddy dog.

② Not smelly
The teddy dog is also a non-smelly dog. Its body odor is particularly light. As long as you bathe it regularly and take good care of its ears and soles, it will be fragrant for a week.
In this way, the house will not emit a very bad smell, nor will it be embarrassed by the arrival of friends.

③ Very clingy
When it comes to being clingy, there must be a teddy dog. It is also a very clingy dog. It is especially suitable to be kept as a companion dog. There is no need to worry about loneliness at home.
And the teddy dog is more sensible, and everyone who has raised it knows it.

④Very cute
Teddy dogs can be dressed up in many shapes, each of which is very cute and beautiful, so this is also the reason why many people like to keep them. Taking it out for a walk will have a rate of turning heads.
But this kind of dog is small and cute, but when you take it out to play, you still need a leash.

⑤Very clever
Teddy’s IQ is the second highest among dogs. When it comes to intelligence, he is better than many dogs, so it is very easy to train a teddy dog. The most important thing is that he is a glutton.
In the daily training of obedience, reward it with dog snacks so that the teddy dog will be more active, the owner will be more relaxed in training, and the teddy dog will be better!

Things to pay attention to when raising a teddy dog.

  1. Its hair fades easily
    Although there are many benefits of keeping a teddy dog, there are still a few points to pay attention to, especially the problem of fading. Teddy dog is a dog that is prone to hair fading, so we should pay more attention to the daily diet and eat less food with high salt content.
    The best choice of dog food is light, contains fish oil ingredients, is effective for beautiful hair, helpful for teddy dogs, can promote hair growth, beautiful hair, repair skin health, and is especially suitable for faded teddy dogs to feed.
  2. It likes to bark
    The teddy dog is also a small dog that likes to bark. If you raise it, you must educate it more. Otherwise, it will become more and more presumptuous. So, when it comes to making mistakes, the owner must not spoil it.
    Be sure to train it to be obedient in daily life so that the teddy dog will be much cleverer and more likable.

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