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Get to know a cat quickly and see which kind you like.

Get to know a cat quickly and see which kind you like.
  1. Chinchilla

Advantages: gentle personality; love clean; beautiful and quiet.
Disadvantages: walking dandelion; easy to have tear stains; weak stomach.

  1. Chartreux

Advantages: good constitution; strong adaptability; docile and clever; not picky about food.
Disadvantages: eat a lot; will hold a grudge; hair loss; do not like to move easily fat.

  1. Ragdoll

Advantages: good temper; almost zero attacks; soft hair; good-looking, clingy.
Disadvantages: Hair is difficult to manage; glass stomach; hair loss; slightly larger size.

  1. Devon Rex

Advantages: No hair loss; lively; smart; small size.
Disadvantages: expensive; energetic; afraid of cold; clingy.

  1. Siamese cat

Advantages: lively; light hair loss; coquettish and clingy; have the same personality as dogs; be clever.
Disadvantages: like to bark; lack of security; obedience is not high; will tear down the house.

  1. Garfield

Advantages: do not like to bark; smart; good adaptability; gentle personality.
Disadvantages: prone to tear stains; prone to obesity; gastrointestinal fragility; hair loss; prone to feline nasal branches.

  1. Golden British shorthair

Advantages: easy to get along with; docile; good adaptability; do not like bark.
Disadvantages: gluttonous but also picky eaters; hair loss; curious and persistent.

  1. Sphynx

Advantages: no shedding; loyalty; strong learning ability; good personality.
Disadvantages: the skin will be oily, poor stomach, weak physique, afraid of cold; expensive.

  1. Scottish Fold

Advantages: gentle and quiet personality; lovely appearance; generous.
Disadvantages: With genetic diseases.

  1. American Shorthair

Advantages: smart and docile; good adaptability.
Disadvantages: Full of energy; gastrointestinal problems; genetic disorders.

  1. MaineCoon

Advantages: good adaptability; handsome appearance; high IQ; loyalty.
Disadvantages: large size; hair loss; eating more and pulling more; have certain space requirements.

  1. Orange cat

Advantages: not picky eaters; not easy to get sick; economical and easy to raise; strong adaptability.
Disadvantages: cool personality; love to bark; easy to fat constitution; eat a lot; occasionally bad temper.

  1. Dragon-Li

Advantages: good constitution; cheap; good at catching mice; not picky eaters.
Disadvantages: Wild; Scratching; like to bark; like to run away from home; Midnight Parkour.

  1. British Shorthair

Advantages: close to their owners; good-looking temperament; not picky eaters.
Disadvantages: Do not bark and lose temper; eat a lot; lose hair; easy to hold a grudge; easy to suffer from myocardial genetic disease.
Each little pet is not the same, the above is only the general content, welcome to add more content, let us learn from each other.

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