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French Bulldog Puppy Diet

French Bulldog Puppy Diet

Change your diet gradually. For a short period (at least a few days), the puppy should be fed the same as the French Bulldog before (if you eat the same brand of dog food), and the amount, frequency, and time of feeding should be consistent. This is to avoid sudden changes in diet content affecting puppies’ health. So, when you take your dog home, you can feed him some of the dog food he used to eat, and you can give him this dog food at the beginning. As for the content of the diet, could you not update it all at once? You can reduce the original taste and add new content simultaneously. It takes about a week to slowly adjust to the new dog food.

French bulldog puppies within one month to three months of birth should be fed four times a day, with small meals. Currently, the stomach capacity of puppies is small, and the digestive function is not fully mature, so a small number of meals is the best way to eat. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that if diarrhea or soft stool and vomiting frequently occur during this growth period, the puppy will be prone to malnutrition and dysplasia when it grows up. But in feeding, we should pay attention to the proper control of food intake because if you give these dogs, they will eat all, which is easy cause diarrhea or obesity and other sequelae. Observe your puppy’s bowel movements every day. If you can’t finish the food, reduce the amount to avoid overeating.

Proper nutrition supplements to meet the needs of their rapid growth; the exact weight of developing puppies needs twice as many calories as adult dogs, so be sure to supply adequate calories, dogs eat food, and all kinds of nutrients should be balanced. Usually, the dog food sold in the market has been carefully estimated in terms of nutrition, and there will be no undernutrition or overnutrition. If it is homemade dog food, it must be fully fed with beef, chicken, white meat, fish, cheese, eggs, milk, and other proteins and fats. Still, like calcium or vitamin D, indispensable for developing puppy bones, if you overeat, it will cause diarrhea or constipation, so you should be especially careful when using it.

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