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Female cats scream in pain when mating

Female cats scream in pain when mating

Why do cats scream when they mate? Cats are easy to mate when they are in estrus if they are not sterilized. If you want your cat to have a baby, you can choose a better male cat for them to complete mating. It is better to provide them with a quiet and undisturbed environment. Why do cats scream when mating?

Feline animals have barbs on their penises, and they don’t bark at the beginning of mating, but after mating, the female cat will scream in pain.

  1. When spring is approaching, or before winter every year, the female cat will make a courtship call, which is different from the ordinary cat’s call. The frequency of the call is relatively low, and it can be transmitted far and long. Male cats also call spring, but the call is not as obvious as that of female cats, and the sound is not too loud and short, like the whine.
  2. When a male cat hears a female cat’s meow, he will look for it. If several male cats hear it, they may have to fight before mating. The female cat will watch quietly. In the end, the losing male cat runs away, and the winner gets the right to mate with the female cat. The female cat will not reject the winner, but occasionally the female cat will refuse to mate with him and then run away. The two cats will rub each other’s nose and face for a while.
  3. Then the male cat chases the female cat, the female cat runs in front, and the male cat chases behind. The speed of chasing and running is very slow, which is the kind of speed that people can keep up with. Run and stop for a continuous period of time (15 minutes). Finally, the male cat will suddenly catch up with the female cat, bite the neck of the female cat with his mouth from behind, and then penetrate. Feline animals have barbs on their penises, and they don’t bark at the beginning of mating, during which the female cat will howl in pain. After about 30 seconds, the female cat will struggle away and then symbolically slap the male cat. In the end, the female cat will walk away without looking back, and the male cat will not chase but go about her own business.

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