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Female cats are changeable when they are in heat

Female cats are changeable when they are in heat

The performance of female cats in estrus, male cats, and cats in the period of estrus, their performance is different, but they are in a state of mental excitement at this stage, barking more frequently, and appetite will also be affected. What are the manifestations of a female cat in heat?

The average domestic cat, under normal circumstances, begins to come into heat when it is 7-10 months old. During oestrus, male cats that have not been castrated will urinate everywhere to establish territory, making the whole family environment have a smell that is difficult to remove. At the same time, if the male cat in heat is not strictly supervised, it may slip out and fight with the cats outside and be beaten black and blue. If you are not careful, the wound may fester and become infected or cause other serious diseases. As for female cats, the problem is even more serious.

Female cats, unlike female dogs, are only in heat twice a year, and female cats that are not pregnant will often be in heat. Most female cats roar in the middle of the night when they are in heat, disturbing the sleep of their families and neighbors. And once the female cat is in heat, it is difficult to control it not to slip out of the door, which will inevitably lead to pregnancy. A cat can give birth to 3-5, about 3 times a year, often the kitten has not been completely weaned and pregnant. If the cat is not adopted, it will lead to the abandonment of kittens and increase social problems. Some female cats kept at home can avoid pregnancy, but because of frequent estrus, estrus personality is changeable, anorexia, urination, and defecation everywhere, and the owner’s mood is also very irritable.

Therefore, I think that if there is no breeding purpose for domestic cats, it is better to do birth control surgery for them in time!

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