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Don’t throw away the little kitten that can bite people. It will become clingy when it grows up.

Don’t throw away the little kitten that can bite people. It will become clingy when it grows up.

The following is my personal experience, I hope to help you!

My kitten was picked up by me when I was a child, and it was the naughtiest when I was four months old. He bit me all over my hands, and he would attack me, and I almost gave him away! But after a series of massages, I have successfully conquered it!

To sum up, there are a few points to note:

When the kitten is about four months old, it is the naughtiest, and it is also the time when it is most curious about its surroundings. Just like a child of about 6 years old, it feels curious everywhere and wants to play and test (which is why it bites its hands now)!

So don’t tease the kitten with your hands in front of it, just hold the toy in your hand. The point is not to grab the kitten and touch it when it is playing hard, it will probably think you are playing with it, and then it will avoid or attack your hand!

  1. Education of a Vibrant Cat

Kittens must be educated from an early age, and you probably haven’t seen other kittens when they are naughty! Not only are raccoon kittens naughty, but many other kinds of kittens in pet stores are also naughty just because you don’t see that stage!

Kittens, like children, need guidance and education! At this time, if they have bad behavior, they should be corrected immediately, which is the easiest way for them to develop good habits. For example, when kittens climb up the table for the first time, we should immediately shout at them and slap the table a few times. Correct them a few more times, and they’ll know you’re not allowing them on the table. If the kitten is not obedient, you can use a fly swatter to call them in the face, do not use your hands. Otherwise, they may hold a grudge or fear your hands. Next time they subconsciously attack your hand.

Also, do not put food on the table for the kitten to eat, or it will habitually climb up the table to look for food.

  1. Enhance hand-hand feelings

Usually, we can use our hands to hold the freeze-dried snacks for the kitten to eat to increase its good impression of our hands. When we feed the cat, we should open the bag in front of the kitten and let it look at our hand. Don’t feed it too fast and let it feel like your hand is helping it eat.

  1. Test

I find it easier to touch the kitten when it’s sleepy. If your hand has been rejected, it is recommended to scratch the back of the head when the kitten is sleepy so that it cannot see your hand. Scratch the kitten comfortably, touch it every time when it is sleepy, and touch its cheeks slowly after a few more times. Try not to let it see your hand. While the kitten is relaxing and snoring, touch the kitten’s chin from time to time to see if it does not resist, and continue to touch the three parts alternately while avoiding its eyes. When the kitten sees your hand, it changes its position to the back of the head and continues to touch it hard to make it comfortable, and then slowly changes to the cheeks and then to the chin. None of these can be done in two or three days, step by step. The point is when the kitten is sleepy and ready to go to bed.

  1. Get it used to having your hands in sight

After the above is feasible, you can take advantage of the kitten sleeping and dozing next to you, put your hand on its body, see if it does not bite you, then touch its back, then touch its head, and then put your hand next to its hand in its line of sight! Don’t move. Let it get used to your hand.

The above content is my means to subdue my kitten! It is now more than five months old and much better than before.

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