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Dog’s Behaviors of Loving You

Dog’s Behaviors of Loving You
  1. Lean against you.
    When you stand, the dog will lean on your feet, and when you rest on the sofa, it will be close to you. It may also enjoy its time alone, but it certainly loves to spend time with you. When you are in a strange environment, it will often lean on your feet with its small buttocks and guard you. Especially when it deliberately puts its little head on your feet or legs, it is absolutely acting like a cute child. You can also respond to its love with your touch when it does that, such as scratching its ears, rubbing its chest, rubbing its belly, and gently praising it.
  2. It wants to sleep with you.
    The dog wants to sleep with you, not just because your bed is more comfortable than its nest, but because it regards you as its most trustworthy family. The family should be crowded together to sleep in its instinct to have a sense of security. In response, if you really can’t get it to sleep with you, you can also consider moving its nest next to your bed, and it will feel very happy.

(My friend’s dog is a professional sleep companion.) Sleep with her parents in the first half of the night and with her in the second half of the night. This is a fair dog of Libra. And my dog must sleep in the same room with me two days ago, but it often can’t stand it and goes back to the living room silently in the middle of the night. It feels comfortable in its own nest.

  1. To be able to be alone when you leave.
    A lot of people tend to have the wrong impression that whenever I’m gone, even for a short time, my dog will howl sadly, cannot rest, or eat in peace, and even destroy the room until I come back. Does it love me too much? In fact, this just shows that dogs are very insecure. Every time you leave, the first thought in its mind is that he/she will not come back, I am helpless, I am finished. On the contrary, if you leave the house, the dog just looks at you silently, eats toys, or takes a nap in boredom, and then waits to see if you’re coming back soon, which shows that it really trusts you. You gave it a sense of security. It believes that you will come back to reunite with it sooner or later.
  2. Every time after a short separation, it will be very warm to welcome you back.
    Wag its tail and lick your face crazily, even jump on you when you are too excited, then follow you and your footsteps, and look forward to having a good time with you again!

(Unless it jumps from the third floor and hits you on the neck and sends you to the hospital.)

  1. It really wants to play with you.
    Playing together is an essential activity in the growth of dogs, which is both entertainment and skill training. If it runs around the room happily, bringing all kinds of toys to your feet in turn, there is no doubt that it is inviting you to join in. One typical pose is an invitation game between dogs with the upper body on the ground and the buttocks high, its tail wagging happily, the mouth relaxed and open, and the footsteps happy. Once your dog is in this pose, jumping around excitedly and even barking once or twice, don’t be afraid. It’s just telling you, “Come on, have fun. I’m not hostile.” You can play with it on the carpet, play tug-of-war with it, play ball games with it, etc. It’s also a good relaxation to take it out for running. However, attention should be paid to correcting the dog’s wrong playful behavior immediately, such as gnawing hands, gnawing shoes, gnawing legs, etc. Although it is the simplest and most interesting game for dogs to simulate fighting with their mouths, we must not let dogs get into the habit of biting people.
  2. Like a peeping Tom and as the shadow follows you.
    Every dog owner has had the experience that your heart can’t calm down for a long time when you sit on the toilet. In the dark, there seems to be a pair of eyes watching you quietly. Yes, it’s here again. In fact, dogs just feel close to you and don’t want to miss anything about you. Only when it loves you will care about you. If it is enjoying the good time of running freely without the rope, it also looks back at you from time to time to see if you are still not far away and if everything is all right, which also shows its attachment and concern for you. At the same time, it believes that you will be its strong backing.
  3. The gaze of love.
    Please note that this is limited to dogs and owners who have established a stable relationship. The gaze of a strange dog or stranger is a sign of war and strength. Except you’re eating. If your dog always looks at you quietly when you are playing with your mobile phone and relaxing, even for a long time, it is easy to understand who will stare at a person they don’t like or even fear. You must only stare at people you have a crush on.
  4. It’s most relaxing around you.
    If you are around, the dog’s ears are relaxed, its facial expression is relaxed, and its tongue is sometimes slightly open, like a comfortable smile. Sometimes the tail wags easily, which shows that it is very relaxed and happy. And more relaxed posture is to lie on your side, relax its limbs, and dare to show its belly. The ultimate relaxation position, of course, is falling down on its back with legs pointing up.

(The ultimate coquettish gesture is with its legs pointing up and twisting, look at you and then twist and twist, which means “Master ~ Boss ~ I love you ~ Come and rub my belly ~”)

  1. Stretching at you.
    As the dog walks towards you, it puts its two front paws slowly on the ground, even on your knees, and then begins to stretch. Neck down and stretch forward, left foot and right foot in slow motion, and step lightly like milk treading. This is naked coquetry. Few people know about this, but it’s actually a very common coquetry posture for dogs. Its posture of stretching must be facing you, just to let you see. After stretching out, they will immediately ask you for a response. If it doesn’t even look at you and just stretches itself, it’s just a stretch. Don’t think too much about it.
  2. You infected it with yawning.
    This requires a higher degree of tacit understanding. As you know, yawning between people is contagious. But in fact, when the owner yawns, he can also infect his dog. Isn’t it amazing? It is very interesting that you can observe when your dog is looking at you affectionately, you can make a lazy yawn to see if it will follow foolishly.

My dog has only caught a yawn from me once so far.

  1. Lick your hands and face.
    Its behavior may have multiple meanings. First, it respects you, obeys you, smoothes your hair, and scratches you. Second, it treats you as a mother and loves you very much. Third, it wants to know what you have eaten behind it. Or it will also express concern in this way when you act uncomfortable. They will try to wake you up in this way when you faint.
  2. Ask for a “Hug”.
    I heard two neighbors say hello downstairs someday.
    A: “Good morning. Oh! Does the dog need you to hold it when it is so big?”
    B smiled helplessly.: “No way, it won’t let you go without a hug”.
    When you hear this, you must think it’s just a parent holding a child, but when you look up, oh! A half-man-tall, white, and fat Samoyed is being held. In fact, it is common for dogs to act like spoiled children when they want a hug. Especially when small dogs meet frightened people or dogs outside, many of them will rush to their owner’s legs and beg for a hug. Some dogs can understand the command of “hug”. When you say this word, they will stand up obediently, stretch out two front paws and wait for you to pick them up. Are they as cute as children?
  3. Make a sound like “gasp”.
    This sound is like a hum, like a higher frequency breathing sound, but the vocal cords are basically silent. If you don’t get very close, you can’t hear it at all. Dogs also make this sound when they are tickled if they are particularly comfortable. If you hold your dog in your arms, it makes this sound immediately (is it like a cat purring?) That means it loves you!

These are the ways of saying “like you” in dog language. Does your dog act like these? What kind of personality and expression of love does it have?

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