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Dogs are particularly prone to heatstroke in these places in summer

Dogs are particularly prone to heatstroke in these places in summer

The death rate of dogs suffering from heatstroke in summer is very high! Dog heatstroke, also known as heat exhaustion, is divided into acute and chronic. Whether acute or chronic, the mortality rate of dogs suffering from heatstroke for more than two hours is as high as 90%. If you don’t want dog to die in summer, you should really pay attention not to let your beloved dog lose his life because of your negligence. Dogs are different from us. They have no sweat glands. Heat dissipation mainly depends on the tongue and the soles of the feet. The body temperature drops very slowly. A little carelessness may lead to heatstroke in dogs.

7 behaviors that can easily lead to heat stroke in dogs

  1. After walking the dog back, let the dog blow the air conditioner directly. Sudden temperature changes can easily cause chronic heatstroke.
  2. If you go out to walk your dog for too long in summer, it’s easy for your dog to suffer from heatstroke after a crazy parkour exercise.
  3. Put the dog in a closed car, in a room, without air conditioning (even if there are cracks, don’t take any chances).
  4. Put the dog on the balcony without shelter, causing the dog to be exposed to the sun for a long time and prone to heatstroke.
  5. Dogs with short nasal passages and too fat are also prone to heatstroke in summer.
  6. The weather is hot and there is not enough drinking water for the dog.
  7. When a dog dries in the sun after bathing or swimming, the water on the dog will evaporate, and the body temperature will rise, leading to dehydration and heatstroke.

Go out
Tips: Give your dog as much water as possible when you take it out. When the dog can’t control its running, we should stop in time to rest and let it replenish more water. Alcohol and wet wipes are also placed in the bag in case of emergency.

At home
Tips: You also need more water when you are at home. When people are not at home, you need to turn on the fan to keep the home ventilated, and the air conditioning needs to be controlled at about 26 degrees, do not close the dog on the balcony.

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