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Dog callback training method

Dog callback training method


When many owners take their dogs to prairies or parks, they dare not let them go easily because they are afraid that the dogs will never return. In fact, if the dog learns to recognize the meaningful “call” of the owner, let the dog slowly realize the importance of “call”, the next time he goes out to walk the dog, he can let go, let the dog run and play wantonly, and the owner can enjoy the leisure time easily.

There are three stages in the dog’s callback training so that the dog can be called back from holding the rope to not holding the rope, which includes a lot of encouragement, as well as timely warnings when the dog is not attentive and does not care. Sometimes the most difficult part of training is the consistency and discretion of the owner. The faster the owner can master the reward and punishment of the dog and strengthen the training, the faster the dog will learn!

Short Rope Recall Training

Training goal: Let the dog know the command of “come”.

Training equipment: toy or food (pick the dog’s favorite), leash

  1. Take two or three steps back, keep 1 meter from the dog, and call the dog back.
  2. See if the dog looks back at you when you say the word “come”.
  3. If the dog looks back at you, walk up to you and praise it and give it a real reward.
  4. If the dog is indifferent to the command and does not care at all, please pull the leash in your hand, and let the dog look back at you.

Hint: The dog will learn one thing from the owner’s repeated training: when he hears the command, if he comes to the owner immediately, he will be rewarded. On the contrary, if you don’t concentrate, you will be warned immediately. Use this method to make the dog remember the password quickly. But the reality of reward and punishment is very important. As soon as the dog returns to the owner, it should be rewarded immediately, and if it looks at the owner and always faces the owner, it should be encouraged. Unless it does not listen to the owner, does not look at the owner, only then needs to use the chain to remind it.

Cordless Recall Training

Training goal: After releasing the leash, the dog will come back as soon as it is called

Training equipment: chains, toys, treats or things the dog likes, and a field where the dog can’t run far even if he wants to

  1. In an open but limited area, take off the leash and collar of the dog and let the dog run freely to get familiar with the environment.

Tip: When doing this training outdoors for the first time, try to choose a simple environment, without the influence of external environmental factors, the dog will be easier to enter the state.

  1. The owner holds a toy, snack, or dog’s favorite thing in one hand and the dog’s chain in the other hand.
  2. When the dog is wandering in the limited range, shout the command to the dog “come”. If the dog comes, give him a warm welcome or reward him with something he likes.
  3. If you call the dog back, but he doesn’t pay attention to it, make the P chain in his hand into a metallic sound first, and then throw it gently at him.

Tip: Throwing the chain lightly won’t hurt your dog, but it will definitely give him a fright. Therefore, the dog will associate “the owner calls it, it will be frightened if it does not come back”. Plus, with the reward of coming back immediately, the dog will soon learn that when the owner calls him, he will come back. Don’t run to the dog and scold it because the dog doesn’t come, because it may think that the dog will play with it, and then it will really run farther and farther.

  1. Repeat this exercise until every time the dog calls, he will come, and then take him to an open park and let him go.

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