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Does the dog really listen when it is being scolded?

Does the dog really listen when it is being scolded?

I don’t know if you ever reprimand your dog when he makes a mistake. Does it understand when you reprimand it? Are you listening? Normal pet owners don’t care too much about these questions, but when dogs often make mistakes, and you often scold them to no avail, you will be very upset.

When dogs make mistakes, our blame will have a demonstration and punishment effect on them. Dogs can understand your current mood and their demands through observation and perception. But some dogs are so naughty, like those students who do not like to listen to the class, the teacher talks about the teacher, the students play with the students, which also causes many owners to feel very powerless and annoyed in the face of incorrigible dogs. Next, let’s look at whether the dog is listening to the training.

  1. Get down and look at yourself. When you reprimand your dog, it means that he is listening to you and knows his mistake.
  2. Pretend to be pitiful and well-behaved。 Dogs who can do this are very smart. They know that you are full of tolerance and love for them, so when you scold them, they will pretend to be very pitiful and look at you or pester you all the time in an attempt to get forgiveness or leniency.
  3. Hide and peep at you. When you are angry, especially some of the grumpier owners, dogs can sense your anger through the sense of smell, so they will be afraid to hide under the table or some corners to secretly observe your emotional changes until they feel safe; they will come out and continue to act coquettishly with you, after all, dogs and even humans love to see them like this.

If you have more thoughts and opinions about dogs’ reprimanding their owners, please share them in the comments section. Thank you for watching!

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