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Doberman urination and defecation training method and step

Doberman urination and defecation training method and step

To raise a Doberman, it is necessary to train it well from an early age. For example, introducing a Doberman to develop good urination and defecation habits will make the pet dog clever, sensible, and obedient and develop good living habits and better get along with people. In daily life, Dobermans can be trained to urinate and defecate according to the following steps:

  1. Start with a stationary dog toilet for the Doberman. This dog toilet can be bought or made by yourself or made of a few old newspapers and a few urine pads. The dog toilet must be placed in a relatively fixed location at home. And the place where the dog toilet is placed should be quiet and clean.
  2. To train Dobermans to develop good urination and defecation habits, parents should first understand the dog’s excretion habits. Dobermans get up every morning, about 15 minutes after drinking water and about 30 minutes after eating. Please pay attention when you see a Doberman sniffing the ground or turning his head in a circle, lowering his hindquarters. Quickly guide the Doberman to the dog toilet and encourage him to excrete.
  3. As a parent, encourage and praise the Doberman after defecating at a fixed point. Give praise to your dog and let him know that he can be encouraged and rewarded by his owner to excrete at a fixed point. Through such practical training, the Doberman is gradually trained to develop good excretion habits to urinate and defecate in a fixed place.

Training a Doberman is all about persistence. And the dog needs to be taught from an early age. Never stop training in the middle of the training process. Only when the dog has fully mastered the habit of urinating and defecating at a fixed point can you stop the training of such content.

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