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Do you understand the body behavior and language of cats?

Do you understand the body behavior and language of cats?
  1. Cat’s Tail
    [Upright]: When you are happy, coquettish, and in a happy mood.
    [Swinging from side to side]: When you are unhappy, you will swing quickly by a large margin; when you are relaxed, you will also swing by a large margin, but the action will be slower.
    [Caught between the hind legs]: When afraid or making a mistake.
    [Hair fully raised]: When threatened, frightened.
    [Entangle other cats or other people]: Love each other.
  2. Rub
    When the cat rubs its body against you, it means “this is mine, and you are mine”. It is a sign of intimacy to rub your head against your feet and side.
  3. Bite
    Bite you hard: It wants to be alone for a while.
    Bite gently: playing with you.
  4. Lick
    Express trust and favor.
  5. Look up and half squint at you.
    The meaning at this time is: I see you. Cats often make this gesture to people passing by.
  6. Shadowless hand
    The cat’s claws are used to attack or defend, and the action of slapping with its forelimbs is also called cat fist, which is very fast. It will use what it considers to be a threat.
  7. Serial Kick
    The action of a cat kicking with its hind legs is commonly known as a “cat kick”.
  8. Plane
    Cats love to be clean and dig to cover up their own excrement. If a cat is digging around in front of its favorite food instead of eating it, it may mean “bury it if you don’t want to eat it now and come back when you want to eat it”.

Cats are more sensitive to smell, for some smelly and heavy smell of things will also do the action of digging around, it may feel “too smelly, buried it.”.

  1. Lying on you
    Cats who have a crush on you will not jump on people they don’t like.
  2. Step on the milk
    Feel comfortable, comfortable, happy, secure, enjoy and rely on the present living environment, which is the performance of the cat’s health.
  3. Gollum
    There was a gurgling sound in his throat, indicating that it was in a good mood and comfortable.
  4. Eye
    Surprise pupils are round, ears are straight, and mouth is slightly open.
    Curiosity-Ears forward, mouth closed, pupils round.
    Restlessness, fear-ears to the sides, eyes oval, pupils slightly dilated.
    Warnings, threats-the ears were lower, the eyes were thinner, but no sound was made.
  5. Astonishing voice
    Maybe the cat saw the bird outside the window.
  6. Rolling body
    Express that your cat trusts you or wants to play with you.
  7. Indent small box
    This will make the cat feel safe.

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