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Do dogs forget their owners?

Do dogs forget their owners?

This Shiba dog is called Guai, 13 years old, a lovely Shiba grandmother, but it has been suffering from cognitive impairment since last year, which is equivalent to human Alzheimer’s disease. Because of the disorder of spatial sense and sense of direction, a Guai often turns around unconsciously or puts his head against the wall for a long time, and the Wang Sheng skills of Ka Chai are completely full. I often get myself stuck between chairs and in various crevices, and every time I really can’t get rid of it, I will shout to my master for help!

And the most painful thing is that Ah Guai hasn’t laughed for a long time since he got sick, and he won’t act like a spoiled child to his master as before, because he doesn’t recognize his master. But the owner did not give it up, although a good illness is getting worse and worse, often incontinent, and always needs to be taken care of, the owner did not hesitate. Since family members are sick, they need more patience and love to accompany them. It doesn’t matter if they don’t recognize us. If they are still around us, it’s enough.

On this day, when the dog owner picked up Ah Guai as usual in the posture of a baby, his memory seemed to come back a little, with a long-lost smile on his face, smiling like a baby.

This scene is to see tears, well did not forget the master, oh, the master is somewhere in my mind, but a good lost, not every time can be found. Do you know? After the age of seven, dogs officially enter old age, and after the age of ten, dogs are 62% likely to have cognitive impairment.

Symptoms of cognitive impairment in older dogs include no response to name calls, changes in defecation and urination habits, loss of direction, barking, and often get stuck in narrow spaces for no reason. If such symptoms occur, they should be sent to the doctor as soon as possible!

Unfortunately, dogs’ cognitive impairment can’t be cured but controlled, but we can prevent or delay the occurrence of symptoms:

Use your brain.

Even if the dog’s reaction is slow, try to take him to play games and train him to learn new things, which can stimulate and activate his brain.

Exercise more Similarly, even if dogs are old and don’t like to move, they should take them out for a walk and get in touch with new things outside.

Eat healthily

A balanced diet, as well as some nutritional supplements, and a good physique is fundamental to the fight against the disease.

Touch and hold it more

The physical and mental health of dogs is closely related to their owners, and the love and support from their owners can make them more optimistic and positive. Even if the dog eventually develops cognitive impairment, please take care of it with more patience and love and give it a happy old age.

Getting a dog is never a simple decision. Its life span is only a dozen years, you must raise it to grow up, accompany it to grow up, when it is old, it will be like returning to the baby period, you need more care. In addition to paying countless times, energy, and money, you must personally send him away, and this is the responsibility of the dog owner. Of course, for dog owners, the last, in fact, they cannot do without it, if it can accompany their side, is the greatest happiness.

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