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“Cute Pet”-West Highland White Terrier

“Cute Pet”-West Highland White Terrier

Do you have a friend who can’t refuse a sweet and lovely dog? Raise my paws high. Who doesn’t want to snore a cute thing? I must mention the West Highland White Terrier that recently entered the pit, which is really heart-melting. Let’s look at the experience of netizens raising West Highland.

Netizen A:

I was moved for a long time, and then I took a West Highland home. The dog hook was so cute that I wanted to make it bald. It doesn’t need to be worried at all. It won’t urinate. It can go to the toilet by itself. I haven’t taught it yet. It’s my dog. It’s so smart that I want to keep it for a lifetime.

Netizen B:

Dumpling is my West Highland White Terrier. It is very good-looking, and it is very white and fragrant. Then I want to eat it, so I call it Dumpling. But when I took it out, I was often asked what kind of dog it was. Why don’t I think about making a name tag for it and showing it off? Westie is my God.

Netizen C:

When I saw it in the magazine, I decided that I wanted to raise it. This is fate. In the summer, I raised a dog named Lulu, which is really handsome. My mother has wanted to take it for herself from her previous opposition. She takes it out to buy clothes every day and says it’s her dog! Say no more; I’m going to argue for the custody of Lulu!

If you also want to get a West Highland White Terrier, you might as well understand its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. High appearance the beauty of the West Highland dog, which has the title of fox dog, is totally attractive. Fluffy and beautiful hair, round head, pink ears, and almond-like eyes, lovely and smart.
  2. Smart People who have raised Westie praise him for his cleverness! It is indeed a clever little dog, very obedient, can understand the instructions given by the owner, so in the daily breeding and training, it is relatively simple.
  3. Enthusiastic and lively The West Highland Terrier is very lively and enthusiastic, full of emotion, which can add fun to the owner’s life. You can also enjoy the pleasure of raising a dog, and it is good at expressing so that the owner can easily feel loved.
  4. High alertness The West Highland White Terrier is highly alert and will react to unusual noises or movements. It will make a loud sound to remind the owner that it is a qualified guard.


Some people on the Internet say that there is nothing wrong with raising West Highland, but it is expensive. Indeed, not only the price of the West Highland itself is high, but also the cost of raising it is not low. It belongs to the dog type of “only white for three days”, which is not resistant to dirt, and it has a double coat. So, the pet should pay more attention to its hair care. Otherwise, the appearance of the West Highland will be greatly reduced.

In daily care, pet owners can help the West Highland comb more hair, can use common tools, such as wooden handle comb, needle comb, beauty comb, etc., divided into two parts of brushing and shaping, to help it comb.

Pay attention to the order of combing; it should be from the neck from top to bottom, from front to back, comb the body and then comb the head, limbs, and tail, comb one side and then change one side; it is best to comb every day, and be patient.

If the West Highland feels that the combing time is too long, it should speed up appropriately so as not to arouse its disgust. When it performs well, it can also reward snacks at the right time so that it can get used to or even fall in love with combing.

If you want West Highland’s hair stalks to be smooth and shiny, you can also start with a diet, feeding some nutritious dog food containing hair-beautifying ingredients, which can better help it do a good job of hair management.

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